Eddie Alvarez Speaks Out About Nate Diaz, Says He Only Really Wants One Fight

Michael Reaves Getty Images

Not long ago, Nate Diaz went to social networks to share that he is planning to come back and fight again. The Inquisitr shared the details about how Nate said that he said that everyone would see him around May or June. Nate was going to take these next few months to get in shape.

MMA Mania shared how Eddie Alvarez thinks that Nate Diaz is bluffing a bit, and he really just wants one fight. He feels like Nate is hoping to get that third fight against Conor McGregor and that is why he wants to come back. Nate didn’t actually say that, but you also know that he wouldn’t turn down a fight against Conor.

There are a lot of lightweight fighters that Nate Diaz could go up against, and it would ultimately not be up to him who they want him to fight. In an interview with MMA Hour, Eddie talked about how Nate had to expect at least one person to stand up and say they wanted to fight him when he spoke up. Several lightweight fighters spoke out and said that they were more than willing to fight against Nate, even though he hasn’t been in the octagon for over a year and a half.

Eddie Alvarez has a hard time understanding why Nate would call out all of these people by saying he wants to fight, but now he isn’t saying if he is willing to fight any of them. Eddie feels this is because Nate is hoping for that Conor McGregor fight. Dana White might not want to give Nate that fight as his first one back, though. According to Alvarez, if Nate really just wanted that one fight, then he should have just called out Conor and talked to him about how he wanted that fight and that one only.

Eddie Alvarez is interested in a fight with Nate Diaz. UFC did talk to him about the option of fighting Nate, but they would have to get Diaz to agree to it, which doesn’t seem to be happening as of now.

For now, fans are going to have to wait to see if Nate Diaz actually gets back in the octagon or not. Hopefully, he will talk to Dana White and decide on a fight soon.