Lala Kent Confirms She’s Protecting Her Relationship: ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Not Dishing Any Details To Fans

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Lala Kent has been keeping a low profile on social media and on Vanderpump Rules when it comes to her relationship with Randall Emmett. It’s no secret that the two have dated for quite some time and that Lala is enjoying a luxurious life of gifts, romance, and private jets. Kent hasn’t been shy about the things that her boyfriend gives her, but she has been very protective of her relationship. Perhaps Emmett has asked her to keep quiet about it, as he may not want to be on Vanderpump Rules. And yet, Kent has shared photos of him on Instagram.

Just last week, Lala deleted a few pictures of them together, and it sounds like fans thought that they were breaking up. According to a new tweet, Lala Kent is now revealing that she’s merely trying to protect her relationship by any means necessary. She points out that Randall never signed up to be on Vanderpump Rules and be in the spotlight, so she’s removing him from that aspect of her life. For months, there had been speculation that Randall made her friends sign confidentiality agreements to avoid speaking about him, but it sounds like Lala is now just separating the two again.

BestCoast bound ????

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“Oh I’m sorry I wasn’t more forthcoming about my relationship to you. The f**k are you talking about! I don’t owe you or anyone else s**t. Cute you think you’re at my level tho, where people care what you say. Very, very cute baby,” Lala Kent revealed on social media.

She later added, “I didn’t show the world anything. I protected my relationship just like I will continue to do, with anyone close to me. I think that’s something to be admired. You don’t sign up for something, I will protect you at all costs. Now I’m bored. Happy Tuesday, babe.”

It sounds like Lala Kent isn’t ready to publicize her relationship to the world, and it sounds like Randall may never be a part of Vanderpump Rules. Of course, the show could provide her with money, but since Emmett can afford to fly on private jets, it sounds like he isn’t eager to film a reality show for an extra paycheck. These days, Lala is still on private jets, as she shared a photo of herself on a jet on Instagram. As for her friends, it sounds like James Kennedy won’t be flying with her anytime soon, as she recently announced that their friendship had come to an end. She felt disrespected by him, but he had no idea that their friendship was as good as over.

Lala Kent is currently dating Randall Emmett despite deleting photos of him from her social media profiles. She has previously denied doing anything wrong when it comes to ending his marriage.