Earth's Magnetic Field Flipping Might Lead To Radiation Fallout, Widespread Blackout

Mia Lorenzo

The magnetic field flipping of the Earth's North and South Poles may spell the end for humanity and the planet as a whole.

Given how dangerous it is for humans if the poles shifted in this era, geophysicists have been looking for answers through math and satellite imagery. What they discovered is that the two-pole magnetic field might weaken due to the nickel and molten iron at the edge of the Earth's core.

The imagery from the European Space Agency reveals that the iron and metal are draining the dipole's energy. If the dipole weakens, the North and the South Pole will trade places. While scientists can see what is happening, they have no way to tell when the magnetic field switch will happen.

Changes in the earth made the magnetic field weaker in the South Atlantic. A satellite in the area which has been exposed to radiation already experienced memory failure. Fortunately, the magnetic field is not compromised enough for radiation to hit the planet's surface.

As noted in Undark Magazine, this magnetic field flip may lead to blackouts and disable cell phones and internet connection. Since it's impossible to prevent this from happening, the best approach is to prepare for it.

Satellites launched into space should map out the areas where the effects of the magnetic field flip will occur and avoid those areas. Measures should also be taken to avoid massive blackouts in case part of the grid shuts down. With the imminent magnetic field flipping, inhabitants of Earth should be prepared.