Javi Marroquin Slamming Briana DeJesus: New ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Appears Bitter Over Breakup

Bennett RaglinGetty Images for WE tv

Javi Marroquin and Briana DeJesus broke things off recently, and while Javi was quick to focus on the Philadelphia Eagles’ ticket to the Super Bowl, Briana appears to be bitter about the breakup. For some reason, this Teen Mom 2 star had a hard time moving on from the relationship and taking the high road when it came to comments, fans, and Javi’s personal business. As it turns out, Briana was upset because she recently learned that he was going to Los Angeles, and Briana appeared to think that he’s going out to there to be with a woman. Instead of moving on from the relationship and letting Javi do as he pleased as a single guy, she went on Instagram to discuss things with her fans.

According to a new tweet, Javi Marroquin has learned about Briana’s comments, and it sounds like he doesn’t know where the rumors are coming from. He denies going to Los Angeles to hook up with a woman. Briana didn’t reach out to Marroquin directly but chose to do an Instagram live session. Marroquin revealed that he’s not going to hook up with a woman out there, but instead, he was going to get his teeth whitened.

“So Briana is on IG live sh*t talking Javi Marroquin bc this chick April claims he’s going to LA to hook up with one of her friends,” one person wrote to Javi, to which Marroquin replied, “Lol 1. I didn’t know I had to explain why I’m going to la but if y’all wanna know I’m going to get my teeth whitened. 2. It’s no ones business if I was and 3. What her friend look like doe?”

It is interesting that Briana DeJesus can’t seem to let him go. It’s uncertain who broke up with whom, but Marroquin has revealed that he has feelings for Briana and wishes her the best. She didn’t have positive things to say about Javi, which could mean she’s heartbroken over him. She has proven that she doesn’t always take the high road, as she has slammed Marroquin. However, he has remained silent and hasn’t said too much about what went wrong. Perhaps he wants to respect Kailyn Lowry and their co-parenting relationship, as Briana has reached out and slammed Kailyn several times over the past couple of weeks. These days, it sounds like Javi is just doing some self-care with the teeth whitening, a trip to Los Angeles, and hanging with his son.

Javi Marroquin is currently filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2, but it’s uncertain whether he will be a bigger part of Kailyn Lowry’s storyline or Briana DeJesus’ storyline.