Trump Will ‘Release The Memo’ 100 Percent: ‘Don’t Worry,’ Trump Says On Hot Mic [Video]

Win McNameeAP Images

Those social media users who have been publishing posts begging President Donald Trump to “release the memo” and using the #ReleaseTheMemo hashtag might be uplifted by a hot mic moment caught on tape after Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 30.

According to CNN, Trump has promised “100 percent” that he will release to the public the classified memo that alleges the FBI abused powers. The much-talked-about memo was created by GOP members on the House Intelligence Committee. The controversial memo points to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and the alleged actions undertaken by the FBI to create opposition research in a viral dossier on Trump and Russia, as reported by Fox News.

President Trump was speaking to Rep. Jeff Duncan, a Republican out of South Carolina, as Trump answered Duncan’s request to release the memo.

“Mr. President, let’s release the memo.”

“Don’t worry, 100 percent. Can you imagine?”

Even though Trump promised that he would “100 percent” release the memo, CNN reports that the comments conflicted with what press secretary Sarah Sanders told journalists only hours earlier when Sanders noted Trump’s White House had “no current plans” to release the memo. Sarah also reported that Trump hadn’t seen the memo, nor had he been told what wording the memo contains.


As reported by the Chicago Tribune, the memo is four pages long. As the controversial memo sits inside the White House in a classified room, speculations swirled over whether President Trump would release the memo directly in the wake of Tuesday night’s address.

Trump has made it clear to other politicos that he wants the memo released, even prior to the president’s hot-mic moment going viral. Sanders noted previously that despite a published report, the White House didn’t have “current plans to release the House Intelligence Committee’s memo.” With conflicting reports coming out of Trump’s mouth and via his communications staff, it’s not 100 percent clear when and if the memo will actually be released. Reports have surfaced that claim Trump did not want to release the memo prior to his first State of the Union address, so as not to distract from his message of unity.