Surprising Fact! Pizza Is Healthier Breakfast Option Than Cereals, Nutritionist Says

Cindy OrdGetty Images

Pizza for breakfast is a good idea. A nutritionist suggests that it is actually the better choice instead of preparing cereals in the morning.

The new finding quashed the notion that eating pizza is bad. It has always been believed that the famous Italian dish is not beneficial for health because it is greasy. But, is eating pizza for breakfast really unhealthy?

The report that was published on the Daily Meal states that a slice of pizza can provide the needed carbs and protein. Additionally, there are vitamins and minerals since there are vegetable toppings too. With these nutrients, then it is obviously the better choice for breakfast compared to most cereals.

Why Cereals are Not the Best Morning Meal

Speaking to the Daily Meal, Chelsey Amer, a nutritionist, said that many cereals these days do not contain protein. They also lack the healthy fats that will supply the energy needed by the body for the day’s work ahead.

What’s more, dieticians consider the cereals today as mere spoonfuls of sugar that can make one feel hungry within just a few hours after eating it for breakfast. In comparing pizza and cereal, Amer said, “You may be surprised to find out that an average slice of pizza and a bowl of cereal with whole milk contain nearly the same amount of calories.”

Here’s Why Pizza Is Better

Chelsey Amer said that pizza is better for breakfast because it gives much more protein that will keep people feel full the whole morning. As per New York Post, Keri Gans, a dietitian, also think that eating pizza in the morning is a good choice.

He said that it is rare to find a cereal with mushrooms and peppers baked into the cheesy slice of pizza and this is one thing that makes it preferable. Moreover, it can satiate hunger and more filling since it has a variety of foodstuff for toppings.

But while pizza is a good morning meal, Amer admits that it is not exactly the most nutritious choice. The point is, it is considered a more balanced option when compared with a bowl of sugar flakes. With the crust, tomato sauce and toppings, the pizza definitely offers more nutritional benefits.