Joe Kennedy III 'Slobbering' During Speech: What Was Wrong With His Mouth?

Joe Kennedy III was chosen to give a speech in response to President Donald Trump's State of the Union speech on Tuesday, January 30. However, not long after Kennedy appeared on television, viewers couldn't help but notice that the corners of his mouth appeared wet.

As you can probably imagine, it did not take long for social media to light up with posts about Kennedy's lips and mouth, many wondering if he was drooling or "slobbering."

"He was a slobbering incoherent fool! What does a Kennedy know about real life?" wrote one Twitter user.

"Why is he foaming at the mouth?" another asked asked.

"Tomorrows headline: Kennedy drools through entire rebuttal," wrote a third. And the comments didn't stop there. In fact, several memes have been posted all over Twitter, including a drooling picture of SpongeBob SquarePants. Some people have even been using the hashtag #droolingJoe when tweeting about Kennedy and his speech.

The simplest explanation that one could offer is that Kennedy was wearing some kind of lip balm or moisturizer on his lips, perhaps trying to keep them moist through his speech. With the colder weather in Massachusetts, this is something that plenty of people are familiar with.

It seems as though Kennedy's shiny, wet mouth was concerning to several people, so much so that it distracted from his speech, which has gotten mixed reviews online.

You can see a still photo of the wetness that appeared on Kennedy's mouth below.

So, who is Joe Kennedy III anyway? He is the son of Joseph Kennedy II and the grandson of Senator Robert Kennedy. Suffice it to say, politics run in his blood. Kennedy III graduated from Harvard Law School in 2009. Three years later, he decided to run for Massachusetts' 4th congressional district seat. That November, Kennedy III achieved his goal, beating Republican candidate Sean Bielat.

Kennedy III was reelected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2014 and again in 2016. According to Christopher Hale of Fox News, Kennedy III was the youngest Democrat to ever give the response speech to a president's State of the Union address.

Many think that Kennedy III is priming himself for a run at the White House. While it is unclear if he will go for it in 2020, some believe that he just might.