Ivanka Trump Wears $2,690 Oscar De La Renta Round-Neck Asymmetric Plaid Tweed Dress To SOTU

The Trump women stayed away from wearing the solid color black during President Donald Trump’s first State of the Union address on Tuesday, January 30. While First Lady Melania Trump chose to wear an off-white, cream-colored pant suit with a silk blouse, as reported by the Inquisitr, Ivanka Trump donned a plaid dress made up of many colors.

As reported by Elite Daily, Ivanka picked out a dress that was designed by Oscar de la Renta. The dress contained colors as varied as black, white, and red. The complex dress showcased decorated sleeves and necklines that contained frilly decorations. Ivanka also wore the matching belt that is sold along with the pricey dress.

As seen on the Neiman Marcus website, the dress is titled “Oscar de la Renta Round-Neck Asymmetric Plaid Tweed Dress” and is currently priced at $2,690. Other fashion websites feature the same dress on sale for less. The Oscar de la Renta dress makes a bold statement with edges that contained fraying around the rounded neckline and around the sleeves and asymmetric skirt’s hemline.

Ivanka posted a video prior to the State of the Union address, which appears below, and seemingly shows her wearing the same dress while seated at a table with a child on her lap. The Italian-made dress contains a hidden back zipper as well, along with a draped hem in the front that makes the dress appear as if it is wrapped around the body.

Containing a silk lining, the Oscar de la Renta dress is getting lots of feedback on Twitter. As seen in the results of a search for “Ivanka dress” on Twitter, some are comparing Ivanka’s dress to a table cloth pattern. Others are claiming that Ivanka’s dress reminds them of a prison cell, with a bit of fashion foreshadowing.

Lots of Twitter users are tweeting about their displeasure with Ivanka’s dress, calling it reminiscent of a dish towel. Although a small segment tweets about how cute they find Ivanka’s dress to be, a larger percentage of fashionistas aren’t. Those in the middle are complimenting Ivanka for not wearing a cocktail dress, as some viewed the dress that Ivanka wore to President Donald Trump’s address to Congress in February 2017.