Carrie Underwood's Fans Think New Video Shows Her 'Different' Face

Carrie Underwood unintentionally faked out some of her fans on Instagram on Tuesday night when she uploaded a video of a blonde woman working out at a gym. The country singer took to social media to share the video, which was originally shared by Titus Sports Academy, as a way to promote her new single, "The Champion." While Underwood was simply sharing the post because of the song that was playing in the background, some of her fans immediately thought that the video was of her!

"Ok so this is why her legs look bomb," wrote one Instagram user, clearly thinking the video was of Underwood.

"You're amazing," wrote another.

"And you broke your wrist?? You're killin' it girl. You're amazing....keep up the great work," wrote a third.

"Glad to see you looking well," a fourth social media user chimed in. And the comments are continuing to roll in.

However, upon closer examination, you will see that the woman in the video isn't even Carrie! Some fans seem absolutely convinced that it is Underwood working out in the video, but the woman in the video only has a couple of things in common with the country music star: Her blonde hair and her killer legs. The woman in the video is actually Jennifer Marks.

You can check out the video below and see for yourself.

Back in November, Underwood fell on the front stairs of her home, breaking her wrist and suffering a large laceration to her face -- one that required 50 stitches. Since that time, Underwood hasn't posted a selfie or been seen in public (officially, that is. She was pictured with reality star Adrienne Gang last month).

A few weeks ago, Underwood took to her blog to let her fans know that she was still healing -- both physically and emotionally -- and that she wasn't feeling quite ready to step back into the spotlight. She told her fans that her face might look a bit "different" following the accident, leaving many wondering just how different Underwood's face looked.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Underwood may have a scar on her face from the accident, which may be causing her some major anxiety.

The only thing that Underwood has posted of herself since her accident is the photo above in which she had a large scarf covering her face.