Nokia 7 Plus: HMD's Little Monster Seems To Be Near-Perfect, But There's A Big Catch

Finnish company HMD Global has taken significant strides towards reviving the Nokia brand. The company continues its efforts with the Nokia 7 Plus—the bigger and more powerful sibling of the Nokia 7.

The 7 Plus' Geekbench results were recently leaked revealing its potential power. According to Forbes contributor Ewan Spence, the Nokia 7 Plus will most likely be a mid-tier phone, fitting between the top-tier Nokia 9 and the Nokia 1.

Despite its mid-tier placement in the Nokia line-up, the 7 Plus still received impressive scores from Geekbench. It received a single-core score of 1636 and a multi-core score of 5902 as of January 26, 2018.

Nokia 7 Plus Specs

Based on the Nokia 7's specs—as per GSM Arena—HMD Global gave the 7 Plus some serious upgrades. The 7 Plus' sibling came out late last year in October with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 chipset, running Android Nougat.

Geekbench notes that the mid-range phone runs on Android 8.0 Oreo with an SDM660 motherboard and 3720MB of memory. A Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 clocked at 1.84 GHz powers the upcoming Nokia device. The model Geekbench tested had 4GB of RAM, but the 7 Plus may come in another variant. Its predecessor, the Nokia 7, had 4GB and 6GB of RAM models.

Nokia 7 Plus Availability

The Nokia 7 sold out in minutes after its release in China in October 2017, reported Gadgets NDTV. Forbes notes that HMD Global made the phone exclusive to China. HMD global could do the same with the Nokia 7 Plus.

Although, there does seem to be high demand for Nokia phones abroad based on an r/Android thread about the Nokia 7 Plus on Reddit. Unfortunately, there seems to be a limited supply of Nokia phones in other countries.

"…I'm willing to pay up to 350 in France for that," commented u/Zenargue after reading the Geekbench scores for the Nokia 7 Plus shared on r/Android.

"Sadly, it looks like HMD's strategy is centered on China. Here in Greece the Nokia 6 had terrible availability for a few months after it launched and even today you can only find the black 3/32GB model officially," shared u/ferongr.

However, there are rumors that HMD Global will release the Nokia 7 in the United States with an upgraded CPU running Android Oreo. If the Nokia 7 does well in the U.S. market, HMD Global may consider releasing the 7 Plus there as well.

Phone Arena speculates that the Finnish company will probably tweak some features of the Nokia 7 before releasing it in the U.S. to give it a competitive edge. HMD Global might do the same for the 7 Plus if it is released worldwide.

HMD Global is expected to unveil the Nokia 7 Plus at the Mobile World Conference on February 25 this year. There has been no confirmation on when the mid-range phone will be available on the market, at least for now.