Ryan Paevey Addresses ‘General Hospital’ Departure, Possibility Of Returning As Nathan West [Spoilers]

General Hospital spoilers had been teasing that there was heartbreak on the way for Nathan West and Maxie Jones, played by Ryan Paevey and Kirsten Storms, and the big moment came at the end of Tuesday’s show. Is Paevey really leaving the role of Nathan or will he magically be revived and ready to fight another day? The actors addressed the situation via their social media pages and “Naxie” fans will apparently need a lot of tissues in the episodes ahead.

Rumors had been swirling for a while now that Ryan Paevey was leaving General Hospital. Until now, however, neither the actor nor the show would confirm the buzz. Once Tuesday’s episode played, the GH star took to Twitter to answer fan questions and he tackled the biggest question early on by confirming that, for now, Nathan West is gone from Port Charles.

Ryan notes that he is grateful for the GH universe and how much it’s done for him, and he specifically called out the crew to detail how much he will miss them. He said that everybody on set cried when Nathan died and at least at this point, his departure as Nathan is permanent. This exit obviously sets up some intense storylines in the episodes ahead for Maxie, Lulu, Dante, Nina, and others in Port Charles, but Naxie fans are crushed to learn that the rumors about Paevey leaving are true.

While Paevey doesn’t intend to return to General Hospital down the road, he does note that one never knows what the future holds. At the very least, he seems open to returning in dreams or scenes like that. Ryan details that he’s proud of everybody involved in these heartbreaking scenes and he’s honored that he, and the character of Nathan, got to be involved in some special stuff. The GH actor noted that the upcoming week of episodes will be particularly special as Maxie, Nina, and the character’s other loved ones come to grips with his heartbreaking death.

How did Paevey’s departure come about? Ryan shared that it was his decision to leave and he is grateful for the send-off that Frank Valentini and the writers created for him. The General Hospital hunk said that Valentini was disappointed by his decision to exit, but he was supportive and a gentleman.

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At one point, one person tweeted about how Paevey supposedly didn’t like Lulu and was bored of working with Maxie, presumably actually referring to the idea that Ryan didn’t want to work with actresses Emme Rylan and Kirsten Storms. The departing General Hospital actor got a bit heated at this, insisting that neither of those things is true. For her part, Storms thanked General Hospital fans for the Twitter love and said she felt blessed to be given the challenge to play this sad, beautifully written story.

What comes next for Paevey now that he’s departed General Hospital? Ryan details that he is hoping to tackle some feature films and he would love to work in the action-hero genre. The actor’s fans are excited to see what projects he lands in the months ahead, but they are heartbroken that he is leaving the role of Nathan West and the land of Port Charles. Where do things head from here for Maxie and her unborn baby? General Hospital spoilers detail that things will be intense and viewers will want to stock on tissues for the next few shows.