January 30, 2018
'Shameless' Spoilers: Major Cast Member Not Returning For Season 9

Shameless aired its Season 8 finale on Sunday night, and fans didn't even realize that they were saying goodbye to one of the show's biggest characters. That's right, a cast member has wrapped up their role on the Showtime series, and now fans are reacting to the character's departure.

Warning: Shameless spoilers below.

According to a January 29 report by Cosmopolitan, the character of Svetlana, played by actress Isidora Goreshter, has officially exited Shameless ahead of Season 9. In the Season 8 finale, Svetlana ended up marrying the man that her former enemy was supposed to marry as Kevin walked her down the aisle. For much of the season, Vee and Kevin were trying to find a way to get Svetlana out of their lives, and it seems that they did just that. Svet is now married to the much older man and is set to be a wealthy woman.

Actress Shanola Hampton, who plays Vee on Shameless and shared many scenes with Goreshter, revealed that it was very bittersweet to see the actress exit the show. Hampton claims that the cast didn't know of Isidora's departure until toward the end of filming Season 8. Shanola gushed over her co-star, revealing that she was the ultimate "Hollywood dream story," due to the fact that she was supposed to appear in one episode of the show and have one speaking part. However, she worked her way onto the cast and even became a series regular. Hampton added that she knows Goreshter will "go on and do unbelievable things."

Isidora Goreshter revealed her departure from Shameless via her Instagram account, thanking the cast, crew, and fans for the great years she spent working on the show. Isidora claims that her time on the series has been "life-altering" although at times playing the character of Svetlana has "pushed" her to the limits "[m]entally, emotionally, and physically."

Meanwhile, Kevin, Vee, and the Gallagher family will all return for Season 9 of Shameless, which is expected to begin airing on Showtime in late 2018. Fans can currently stream Season 8 if they need to catch up on any episodes or want to re-watch the entire season again.