Fans Go Crazy As Jazz Jennings Shares A Photo On Her Instagram With Possible ‘First Female’ Love Interest

Fans on Instagram are going absolutely crazy as Jazz Jennings has just shared a teaser photo from tonight’s episode of her hit show.

In 2016, People reported that Jennings was still unsure of her sexual orientation because she hadn’t dated much up to that point.

“I’ve never had a serious relationship before, and that’s why I feel like I don’t feel like I don’t know my sexual orientation because I’ve never fallen in love, and you don’t know until you fall in love,” she said on the show.

But on her popular Instagram page today, Jennings posted a photo of herself alongside her friend, Victoria, who she claims could be her first female love interest. In the picture, the two girls are seen playing air hockey together. The pair appears to be having a great time together as Victoria has a surprised smile on her face while Jazz throws one hand in the air in what appears to be a celebration.

In the caption of the photo, Jennings teases fans, saying that Victoria may be her “first female” love interest but also hinting that fans will need to tune into her show, I Am Jazz, tonight on TLC to see how things pan out.

In just an hour of being posted, the photo has already gained over 7,000 likes as well as over 120 comments.

The overwhelming majority of Jennings’ 566,000 plus followers are totally supportive of Jazz’s newest potential relationship, and they let her know in the comments.

“Omg good for you! Will do I will sure watch it!”

“So happy for you!” another fan said.

Jazz even tagged Victoria’s Instagram in the photo, perhaps hinting that things go well on their date. Right now, Victoria only has 788 followers on her own page, but her followers keep growing as fans of Jazz see her most recent post.

BE SURE TO WATCH #IAMJAZZ at 9/8c TONIGHT ON @TLC????????❤️ This episode I meet Victoria who could possibly be my first female love interest! I hope you all check it out????

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After further examination, this appears to be the only photo of Jazz and Victoria together on Jazz’s popular social media page, leading some other fans to believe that the two didn’t hit it off and start a relationship. However, everyone will need to wait and watch tonight’s episode to hear from Jazz herself how the date went.

As People reported a few weeks ago, the 17-year-old recently met with a doctor about gender confirmation surgery. The surgeon that Jazz met with didn’t have the best news for Jennings, telling her that even the most advanced surgeons may have trouble performing the surgery. To add to the heartache, the doctor also told Jazz that she would need to lose at least 30 pounds before they would even consider taking her in for surgery, stating that her BMI needs to be way lower.

You can watch Jazz Tuesday nights on TLC on her show, I Am Jazz.