Missing Persons Report For Mark Salling Was Allegedly Issued Early This Morning, Prior To Suicide Discovery

Jason KempinGetty Images

More details are coming to light regarding the disgraced Glee star’s suicide.

As the Inquisitr reported earlier today, 35-year-old Mark Salling is dead in an apparent suicide. The body of Salling was found earlier today near a riverbed close to his home in Sunland, California. Though it has yet to be confirmed how the former Glee star took his own life, many early reports say that Salling hung himself at a baseball field.

Radar Online reports that just hours before the gruesome discovery of Salling’s body, a missing persons report was issued around 3 a.m. this morning. The publication goes on to state that the star’s body was discovered around 8:50 a.m., just five hours after a family member went to the police station to report him missing.

Furthermore, TMZ goes on to report that police also received a call to do a “welfare check,” and that particular call eventually led authorities to Salling’s lifeless body at a little league field. New photos from TMZ show Salling’s car parked near a grassy hill in Sunland while other photos show a body covered and being wheeled out on a stretcher. The news outlet reports that the body is that of Salling.

According to Today, Salling’s attorney, Michael J. Proctor, confirmed the death to media. The troubled star previously went to court in December on child pornography charges involving a prepubescent minor. Mark was still awaiting sentencing to determine how much time he would spend in jail before he took his own life. Salling’s sentence was expected to be four to seven years in prison while he also had agreed to stay 100 feet away from areas where children congregate.

Salling’s Twitter account remains active, but his last post came in April of 2016. In his last public tweet, Mark told fans that he had opted to watch a Back To the Future marathon on AMC instead of attending Coachella with countless other celebs. Another post from April shows a throwback photo of Salling’s grandmother, Bess Wherry, with her dog from 1940.

Currently, Mark Salling’s death has taken over social media with it being the number one trending topic on Twitter at the moment.

Mark is survived by his parents and a brother.