Shemar Moore And 'Quantico's' Anabelle Acosta's Grammy Date: The 'S.W.A.T.' Star Gives The 411 On Their Date

Chrissie Williams

Shemar Moore shocked his fans when he arrived at the Grammy Awards with a hot date. Many people wondered whether they had been dating for a while. He told reporters that they were just getting to know each other. Both confirmed that the award ceremony was their first date.

According to TMZ, Shemar has heard rumors on the internet that suggested he was gay because he has shown up for big events dateless or with his mother on his arm. He claims that his date with Anabelle should clear up the rumors about his sexuality.

Moore states that he is looking for Mrs. Right and isn't sure if Ms. Acosta is the one. According to Shemar, the couple had fun together, but it didn't include any "hanky panky or kissing."

The former Criminal Minds star claims that he told everyone on the set of S.W.A.T. that he wanted to ask Anabelle out. He begged for someone to give him her email address so he could write to her. The lucky person who got the email address would get two round-trip tickets, plus a stay at a five-star hotel. Moore refused to say who came through with the information. He never thought she would respond to his message, but according to Shemar, he got lucky.

As for what the email said to Anabelle, Shemar refused to say. He said that he put his college creative writing course "to work." According to him, it was something you'd see in Nicholas Spark's The Notebook.

As for the date, Moore said they are "homies" and that's it. He joked that since that he hasn't "gotten lucky" she will make him carry her bags for her and "do the work" to get closer to her.

The bottom line is Shemar Moore is still single ready to mingle, at least at the moment. He added that until he gives his mother some grandbabies, he's single. He mentioned several times that his mother keeps asking for him to settle down and start a family, but Shemar hasn't found his "babygirl."

It sounds like Shemar Moore and Anabelle Acosta hit it off as friends. Perhaps, after they get to know each other, she will turn into Mrs. Right.

Watch the video to hear Shemar explain how their date went.