More ‘Sister Wives’ Drama: One Of The Stars Of The Show May Be Part Of A Federal Investigation


As has been previously reported on the Inquisitr, Meri Brown — one of the stars of the hit show Sister Wives — loves her fashion. Specifically, she loves her LuLaRoe fashion. However, if the latest report is to be believed, this love of LulaRoe fashion may have gotten her involved in a federal investigation.

Pop Culture is reporting that LuLaRoe is currently facing a $1 billion lawsuit from the federal government, with the accusation that they are, in fact, part of a pyramid scheme. And while this isn’t the first time that the company has faced such a lawsuit — past lawsuits like this one have been dismissed as being “without merit” — the details of the class-action, $1 billion lawsuit are pretty intense: having an unclear and deceptive refund policy, leaving “fashion consultants” with thousands of dollars in merchandise that they can’t sell, and forcing those consultants to target more vulnerable members of their community.

So what does Sister Wives star Meri Brown have to do with this?

The star of the show — who is, reportedly, looking to leave it — is one of the most vocal and ardent supporters of LuLaRoe. She’s so ardent of a supporter, in fact, that her Instagram name is “LulaRoe Meri Brown.” Being that she’s one of the most well-known supporters of the controversial fashion line, it’s no wonder that certain eyebrows are being raised as far as her participation in this alleged scheme.

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It should be clear, though, that the Sister Wives star hasn’t been formally indicted on any charges, nor has she made any statement in favor of or against the company as far as this lawsuit is concerned.

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Fans of the show have wondered if, in fact, this is Meri’s way of trying to leave the show. In addition to her LuLaRoe hawking, Meri Brown has her own bed-and-breakfast called Lizzie’s Heritage Inn. This bed-and-breakfast is actually her great-grandmother’s old property that she recently purchased to “bring it back into the family.” Some fans of the Sister Wives show believe that this is Meri’s backup plan to get out of the show, though the rest of her family — including her husband, Kody Brown — have all been supportive of her career choices thus far.