Tyler Baliterra Was So Excited About Catelynn Lowell’s Baby News, Could The ‘Teen Mom’ Star Still Be Pregnant?

Catelynn Lowell became pregnant with her third child during filming on the seventh season of Teen Mom OG.

Before traveling to rehab in November 2017, Catelynn Lowell was seen taking a pregnancy test for the MTV cameras and later surprising her husband, Tyler Baltierra, and their 3-year-old daughter, Novalee Reign, with the exciting news.

In a recap by Radar Online on January 30, it was noted that Catelynn Lowell sent their daughter to her father while wearing a T-shirt that read, “I’m going to be a big sister.”

“Why do we have that shirt?” Baltierra asked.

“Because she’s going to be a big sister!” Lowell confirmed.

Right away, Tyler Baliterra was completely shocked and surprised with his wife’s unexpected news and immediately suspected she wasn’t being honest. However, as fans saw earlier on in the episode, Lowell took a pregnancy test with a friend at a restaurant before sharing the news.

Prior to his wife’s pregnancy revelation, Tyler Baltierra expressed interest in welcoming another child into their family and frequently tweeted about the idea. He even told fans that a pregnancy could come soon in 2017 and said he would for their third child to be a boy.

Tyler Baltierra spoke out so much about a potential pregnancy that some fans believed Catelynn Lowell was pregnant at the time of his tweets. However, the couple never confirmed their news with any of their fans and followers online, nor did they confirm the ongoing rumors claiming Lowell has since miscarried.

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Could Catelynn Lowell still be pregnant with her third child?

As Teen Mom OG fans likely know, Lowell announced last November that she was traveling to Arizona for rehab after experiencing thoughts of suicide and considering different ways to take her own life. That said, she has not yet confirmed whether or not she miscarried her third child, which has some fans wondering if she is still pregnant.

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