Duggar Family Members Reportedly Watched Secular R-Rated Films On Flight Home From New Zealand

The Duggar family has made it known that it is against their religion to participate in the ways of the world. Despite appearing on television, the family has stated that the children are not allowed to listen to anything but Christian music, and television shows are either totally forbidden or strictly monitored. However, it has been revealed that the family seems to have let a few things slip through the cracks, and one Duggar family member was even spotted watching an R-rated film.

The mega-family recently took all of their unmarried children (except John David) to Australia and New Zealand to speak at a conference for IBLP (Institute of Basic Life Principles). The family just recently touched down in the United States, but they were caught in some non-Duggarlike behavior on the flight home.

According to an anonymous source who took the plane ride from Auckland, New Zealand to San Francisco with the family, Jim Bob Duggar was spotted watching R-rated Baywatch starring Zac Efron during the long-haul flight. It was not immediately clear if any of his children were sitting next to him while he was viewing the very worldly film.

The anonymous source that spotted the Duggar family on the flight stated that they were scattered throughout economy class. The person also stated that Michelle Duggar was up for a lot of the flight checking on the members of her family.

The information was revealed on the Facebook page Duggar Family News: Life is not all pickles and hairspray. Some mused that the “purity” rules must not apply to Jim Bob and only his children are subjected to them. Others joked that it was more believable that Jim Bob was watching an inappropriate film than it was that Michelle Duggar was checking on her kids.

During the trip to Australia and New Zealand, Josiah Duggar announced that he and Lauren Swanson are now courting. The pair made it official during the trip, and she accompanied the mega-family on their outing to several churches in the two countries.