Jax Taylor Gets Close To Another Woman On ‘Vanderpump Rules’: ‘You Can Call Me Jason’

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Jax Taylor has gotten back into the good graces of Brittany Cartwright after cheating on her and saying horrible things about her on a leaked audio tape, but will he soon be back in the dog house?

Following a number of statements made by Jax Taylor months ago, in which he proclaimed that he was no longer attracted to Brittany Cartwright and would never marry her, the SUR Lounge bartender is seen in what appears to be a close moment with another woman on next week’s Vanderpump Rules.

In a sneak peek at next week’s show, Jax Taylor is seen sitting down as a dark-haired woman stands in front of him, assuring him that he can get to know himself much better. Taylor then tells the woman to call him by his real name.

“You can call me Jason,” he tells her. “Try to push that other person aside.”

At that point, Jax Taylor and the mystery woman share a hug.

For the past several episodes of the show, Jax Taylor has shown a pretty bad version of himself. In addition to admitting to cheating on Brittany Cartwright after two years with their friend, Faith Stowers, the frequent playboy was heard taking vicious aim at Cartwright in a leaked audio tape and telling his mistress Faith Stowers about how uninterested he was in having sex with her.

As if that weren’t all bad enough, Jax Taylor actually poked fun at Brittany Cartwright when she broke down about their relationship during their house warming party. He even joked that she should win an Oscar for her tears and proceeded to clap about her “performance.”

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While it isn’t yet known who the woman seen in the clip is, she appears to be offering some kind of help or assistance to Jax Taylor. That said, their close encounter seems to suggest that their relationship isn’t only one of a professional nature.

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