'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: Celeb Sequester Starts, HG Pay Info, Jury, And Eviction Leaks

Hot new Celebrity Big Brother spoilers reveal critical information about the celeb houseguests' first days on Big Brother and what fans should expect next. The official reveal of the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition cast was Sunday night, and new info is coming out by the hour about the highly anticipated first-ever celebrity season of the beloved US reality show franchise. Here's what you need to know about the upcoming CBB US, which officially begins tomorrow but viewers won't see for another week.

Sequester And Houseguest Interviews

Unlike the regular seasons of Big Brother, CBB US has a shorter pre-game sequester at just three days. The sequester of the celebrities began on Sunday, January 28, the same day as the cast reveal. That's why there have been no comments on the celebs' social media accounts since they were already on lockdown before the video promo came out.

According to CBS insider intel, Survivor alumnus Rob Cesternino began the celebrity cast interviews on Monday, January 29. Rob is replacing Jeff Schroeder, whom you might recall exited CBS during BB19. Schroeder did the initial interviews for last season but then left for other work and an iPad did the Season 19 exit interviews. Cesternino did backyard interviews at the finale of BB19 as well.

CBB US Starts Tomorrow – How Many Will Play?

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers are also still rolling out about how many celebs will play the game. The dining room table is set for 10, yet 11 names were announced. Some BB fans wonder if there will be an eviction right off the bat as there was in BB19. As of now, production leaks coming out of CBS have the first official eviction slated for February 9 which is a Friday night, two-hour episode.

There are also rumors that Lance Bass will enter the house at some time during the season perhaps after some evictions occurred a la Paul Abrahamian's invasion last season on Big Brother. The season of Big Brother: Celebrity Edition officially begins on Wednesday, January 31, and CBS will release the official house video tour later today in advance of the celebrities entering the house tomorrow.

Houseguest Pay Info Leaks – Total Prize Could Reach $500,000

In the wee hours of this morning, TMZ leaked some info on the base pay of the Celebrity Big Brother houseguests. According to the tabloid site, the base pay for the houseguests is around $200,000, and the longer they stick around, the more money they will get, on top of the potential for the $250,000 prize for winning CBB US. The site used Omarosa as their photo op, but the base pay applies to all houseguests alike.

If TMZ's info is accurate, the winning celeb could walk away with a cool half-million dollars for about 20 days of work from sequester through the finale. That's not too shabby, given that many of these "celebrities" aren't A-list top-earners. For those interested in the math, 20 days multiplied by 24 hours (given that they are locked up 24/7) equals 480 hours of work. For the winner that nets $500,000, that's $1041.67 per hour worked.

CBB US Has No Jury House!

As the Inquisitr reported, the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition houseguests are not playing for charity. The cash will go into their own pockets! So, how will the winner be chosen? Other production leaks out of CBS indicate that there will be no jury sequester. That makes sense from a budgetary perspective because the network would not want to pay celebs once they're not on camera anymore.

According to sources, the moment the celebs are voted out of the CBB US house, they can go back to their lives. So how will the winner be chosen? Some speculate it will be a jury vote by evicted houseguests on the live finale night, while some Big Brother fans hope that America will get to pick the winner. No doubt that critical info will be revealed by Julie Chen during next week's premiere.

Xanax And Brandi Already Throwing Shade

Other production info from Brandi Glanville revealed that the CBB US house has an espresso machine, but fans might prefer an open bar to encourage loose talk. Glanville also told Entertainment Tonight that her ex-hubby Eddie Cibrian would have their kids while she was in the BB house but admitted she lied to him about the project. Glanville is a last-minute replacement who accepted the gig just last Wednesday.

Glanville says she told her ex-husband she was traveling for work because she "didn't trust them [Eddie and wife LeAnn Rimes]" not to leak her appearance and said by lying that "they couldn't jack me." The Real Housewives star also admitted she was worried about physical comps and said she's bringing her Xanax into the house with her because she's sure she'll have "at least one panic attack."

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Toilet Cameras, Shower Privacy, House Tour, And Official Photos

CBB US spoilers and production notes include that there will be no cameras in the toilets. They are there in the regular season, but the video and audio are rarely used. Recently, in BB19, there was toilet audio of Dominique in there speaking in tongues. You might also remember the BB15 toilet video of Amanda crying during McCrae's birthday.

Also, Celebrity Big Brother spoilers indicate we'll see less celeb flesh because the shower has been modified to offer much more privacy. Reportedly, the opacity of the doors has been extended so no one can peek over the doors and see the goods as Mark did to Elena in BB19. Hopefully, Big Brother fans will get to see the new bathroom set-up on the house tour video.

The BB house tour video will be released today and will be added at the bottom of this blog when it becomes available. The initial cast photos (minus Omarosa for some reason) were already released (slideshow above). Check out short cast interviews on CBS' official Big Brother Twitter and use this schedule to set your DVR for Big Brother: Celebrity Edition. Be sure to check back here often for the latest Celebrity Big Brother spoilers and news.