Carrie Underwood’s Husband Mike Fisher Pokes A Little Fun At Her For Being Pulled Over

Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike Fisher is poking a little fun at his wife after she revealed on Twitter that she cried in her car after being pulled over by the cops for speeding for the very first time in her life on January 29.

Carrie told her more than 8.19 million Twitter followers this week that she “may or may not have cried” after being cautioned by the police for her driving for the first time since she got her license 18 years ago, to which Mike made a joke out of the situation on his own account.

Quoting Underwood’s initial tweet where she broke the news to her fans, Fisher then added a hilariously sarcastic response to his wife’s very minor run-in with the law, as he joked that he was “proud” of the country star for being pulled over.

Responding to her initial message where she confirmed that she was let go by the cop, the retired NHL star tweeted of her speeding drama, “Proud of you honey!” alongside a crying laughing face emoji.

Mike’s tweet, which has already been liked more than 3,800 times, clearly struck a chord with fans of the couple who then joked about the former Nashville Predators Captain’s response to Underwood’s recent road drama.

“Hey husband, be nice to your wife,” playfully tweeted one fan after seeing Mike make a joke out of Carrie’s incident, while another poked a little fun at the Canadian by responding, “And @Mikefisher1212 how many times have you been pulled over? @carrieunderwood.”

“I wonder how much speeding tickets mike has?” another then jokingly asked in response to Fisher’s tweet.

Notably, Underwood has joked about her husband of almost eight years’ skills behind the wheel in the past – and it turns out he’s not exactly a Sunday driver.

Mike Fisher jokes about wife Carrie Underwood being pulled over

Underwood told fans back in 2013 that both she and Fisher had been pulled over by the cops while he was driving, despite the hockey star claiming he was so good on the road that he should open his own driving school.

“Ok… so, Mr. ‘I’m gonna star a driving school in Nashville’ just got us pulled over for going 56 in a 45. Just sayin…” Carrie jokingly tweeted of her husband’s own run-in with the traffic cops back in 2013.

Mike then replied to his wife outing his speeding to the world, as he joked in response, “Not my fault Ace had to pee!” referring to the couple’s rat terrier dog.

This guy...❤️❤️❤️

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Carrie and Mike welcomed their first child into the world, son Isaiah, back in 2015, and fortunately for the singer, she was let go by the cop to head home to her husband and their son after being pulled over this week.

The country star then seemingly suggested that she was completely let off the hook by the cop who flagged her down, though Carrie added that she felt “so ashamed” after being reprimanded for her speeding for the first time.

Underwood and Fisher’s latest sweet interaction online comes shortly after Carrie shared the most adorable video on Instagram of her husband reading children’s bible stories to their 2-year-old son, where the youngster could be seen telling his dad about all the animals Noah brought into his ark.