Matt Lauer Is Allegedly Hollywood Bound: Former ‘Today’ Host Plans To Produce Documentaries, Reinvent Career

Now that Matt Lauer’s personal items are being removed from the home he shared with Annette Roque, his wife of nearly 20 years, and divorce is “imminent,” the “disgraced” Today host is allegedly now working on the next phase of his career: Hollywood.

Matt Lauer was ceremoniously fired from Today for sexual misconduct in late November, and he has since rarely been seen since his downfall. But this may soon change.

According to Radar Online, an “informant” has revealed that Lauer intends on using his enormous stash of cash to produce films. Lauer made an astounding $25 million a year at Today as an anchor and has managed to hold onto a good portion of his massive earnings.

“Matt has been a real whiz with his money and sees a clear opportunity to leave broadcast news behind and develop his chops as a producer and film financier.”

According to the unidentified source, Lauer has already chosen his genre: documentary films. Should this source be accurate, this is not a huge stretch for someone who has been working in broadcast news for over 25 years.

“He wants to start by funding documentaries.”

According to the publication, it was another former Today anchor, Katie Couric, that gave Lauer the idea to move his career in this direction.

“After Matt got fired he started asking around about how he could actually pull this off.”

Ironically, Matt’s former co-anchor, Ann Curry, has also recently been involved in creating and hosting a documentary-style program on PBS called We’ll Meet Again.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the new series chronicles “everyday” people who have experienced extenuating circumstances such as “conflict, war, and humanitarian disasters” and were significantly helped out by someone else. The heartwarming documentary-style show tells the stories and reunites both people.

Yet, despite Matt Lauer’s alleged plans, the source told Radar Online that the disgraced anchor is “delusional” as he seeks redemption and “credibility.”

“People say he’s delusional, but Matt’s convinced it could win him back a lot of the credibility and trust he’s lost from this scandal.”

This source may be referring to men like Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey, who have been ostracized in Hollywood, and do not appear to be making a comeback anytime soon. Lauer’s downfall because of his alleged sexual misconduct with junior staffers most likely puts him into the same category. Lauer may soon discover that any door he knocks on will remain shut because of the Today scandal.

In addition, the source does not mention Lauer’s three children that live on the east coast. Those who have remained in contact with Lauer have made it clear that his three children are now his top priority. Should he embark on a career comeback, it could certainly be from his home base.

Whether Lauer will be back in the public eye anytime soon is debatable, yet Lauer has not exactly disappeared from screens.

According to The Wrap, the 60-year-old can currently be seen in two Oscar-nominated films, I, Tonya and Lady Bird in “archival footage” from his earlier time on Today.