January 30, 2018
Scheana Shay's Ex-Husband, Mike Shay, Shades Her And 'Vanderpump Rules' On Twitter

Is Scheana Shay's ex-husband, Mike Shay, watching the current season of Vanderpump Rules? While it's not clear whether he is, it is clear that he doesn't miss Scheana and all of the drama that came along with being on the show with her. Mike made that very clear on Monday night when he re-tweeted a viewer's tweet that expressed the opinion that Mike came out the real winner.

Several people responded to the tweet to express their agreement that Mike is now better off without Scheana and the show.

Scheana and Mike's wedding was aired on the show in an early season. Unfortunately for the couple, their marriage quickly hit the rocks, with Scheana admitting in a subsequent season that Mike was abusing drugs and alcohol. After Mike admitted to the problem and sought help, it seemed that things for the couple were on the upswing. Early on last season, Season 5, Scheana repeatedly said that she and Mike were doing great. Yet things again quickly unraveled.

By the end of Season 5, Scheana Shay, feeling abandoned and neglected, admitted that the marriage was over and announced that she was going to file for divorce. On the Season 5 reunion show, Mike made a surprise appearance. Yet it wasn't to reconcile with Scheana. He gave his side of the story while Scheana revealed that she had already moved on to someone new. To Mike's surprise, Scheana revealed that she was dating someone he knew, a mutual friend of theirs, Robert Valleta.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after filming the season 5 reunion show, Mike Shay tweeted that he "closed a big chapter" in his life and was "moving on."

Then after the reunion show aired, Mike posted a video of Scheana that characterized her as an ungrateful woman who was just interested in riches and fame.

On the current season 6 of Vanderpump Rules, Scheana has been shown being very happy with her new relationship with Rob. Yet even this relationship has quickly come under scrutiny. On last week's episode, Scheana lashed out at Katie Maloney, Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder for spreading the rumor that Rob kissed another woman. Scheana felt as if they were bent on destroying her happiness.

On tonight's episode, things between Scheana and Katie came to a head at a birthday party. Angry with Katie for what she said about Rob, Scheana called Katie fake for now being with friends with her former enemy, Lala Kent. Katie's husband, Tom Schwartz, snapped at Scheana.

"You're fake from head to toe, you're nothing. You have no personality, you're a bootleg Kardashian! All you care about is f—ing selfies!"
Scheana sarcastically congratulated Tom for finally sticking up for his wife and retaliated by saying that all he cares about is "making out with girls." Katie spat back at Scheana that she should come up with new material.

So far this season, Mike Shay has not made an appearance. When he was on Vanderpump Rules, Mike mostly stayed out of the cast's drama with one another and always seemed reluctant to air his marital problems with Scheana Shay. Judging by his latest tweet, it certainly seems that he isn't missing what being with Scheana entailed.