Terrible Virus Feels Like Flu But Isn’t: Learn About Adenovirus

There is another awful virus going around right now that will make you feel like you have the flu. The adenovirus is something that people need to be aware of due to how bad it is and how you will assume it is the flu. MSN shared the details about the adenovirus.

If you end up with the adenovirus, you can even end up in the hospital just like from the flu. The big issue is that this is not being identified. U.S. military vaccinates recruits against two major strains, but most hospitals and doctors offices don’t vaccinate against it and also don’t test for it so people can be treated. There is not even a very good treatment for it at this time. Adenoviruses can actually survive on plastic and metal surfaces for up to a month so it easy to pass on to people.

Adriana Kajon, Ph.D. really does feel like a change needs to happen so that so many people won’t suffer from this virus. She explained that during flu season and sometimes either at other times then you will end up missing the diagnosis. Kajon explained that the adenovirus is vaccine preventable, but right now it isn’t licensed to give it to civilians, so that isn’t happening.

This isn’t a new virus, but people are getting it right now. Back in 2007, there were 10 people who passed away from the virus. It can cause long-term issues. One woman had adenovirus and got better, but a year later she still had issues breathing. Adenovirus doesn’t kill near as many people as the flu does, but they will need to find someone interested in marketing the vaccine for it to ever happen. If people can be prevented from being sick, this seems like a great reason to get it on the market to civilians and not just the military like it is being marketed now.

If adenovirus vaccines end up being allowed to give to everyone, that will be a decision that people have to make on their own. Some people get their flu shots and others decide to skip it, so this would probably end up being the same.