Body Of Runaway Jholie Moussa Located, Being Worked As Homicide

When Jholie Moussa was reported missing, they assumed that this was the case of a runaway. Now Yahoo is sharing that they have located Jholie’s body and it is now being worked as a homicide. The body of Jholie was found near her home in a Virginia suburb of Washington.

Her body was found in a wooded area near her home. She was less than a mile from home and her body was covered up with leaves and brush according to Fairfax County police officer Kent Bailey.

Jholie Moussa was actually reported missing on January 13, 2018. When this happened, it was assumed that she could just be a runaway and they were looking for her and not a body. Her mom had shared that her daughter had been talking to an unknown person on SnapChat before she left the house.

Her mom didn’t actually believe that her daughter had run away. She explained that Jholie didn’t have ay kind of history of being a runaway and her daughter was an honor student. She just didn’t feel like it felt, but police felt differently at first. She explained that her daughter may have left the house by choice, but at the same time might have not left their block by choice. Her mother felt like there should be a case of urgency in looking for her daughter that wasn’t there. When Jholie left, she told her mom she was stepping out but didn’t mention actually leaving the house to her.

Jholie Moussa and her sister have matching tattoos and they used this to help identify the body. Right now, the cause of death and if they have any suspects has not been revealed. This case is shocking a lot of people who feel like police should have been looking harder for this girl instead of just assuming she ran away from home when it is obvious now that this wasn’t the case.

For now, everyone is going to have to wait and find out what the police decide. Hopefully, they can find who killed Jholie Moussa and bring justice to this case. The family has a Facebook group for updates, and on this page, they shared that you should not donate to any GoFundMe accounts because the actual family hasn’t started any.