Family From ‘Seeking Sister Wife’ Moves Out Of Utah To Avoid Legal Trouble

Scott Olson Getty Images

The new show Seeking Sister Wife on TLC is all about three couples who are looking to add a sister wife to their family. In Touch Weekly shared that one of the families from this show has made the decision to move out of Utah to avoid legal trouble for being polygamists. This is exactly what the Brown family from Sister Wives did.

The Briney family knows they are taking a big risk being on the show. They do live in Utah and didn’t hide that from the viewers. They had a big talk with the children explaining that their new neighbors can’t understand exactly what is going on with the family and how many people live there and that he is the dad to all of them.

It turns out that this family has moved again. Back in December, they made the decision to move to Oregon. He shared that they are living there now, but were just renting their home for now. It sounds like this was the best thing for the family to do. It turns out that they had originally planned to move to Idaho and had a house lined up to buy, but things ended up falling through. They had to totally change their plans. It sounds like they lost the house because of their lifestyle and the man not wanting to do business with people who live as polygamists.

Another thing that he shared was that they were having trouble selling their other house. It sounds like this wasn’t easy for the Briney family of Seeking Sister Wife at all, but they did what they had to do. Drew Briney and his wives are doing what they have to so that he doesn’t end up in jail.

For now, the fans of Seeking Sister Wife will have to see if these couples end up adding new sister wives to their family. Don’t miss new episodes of Seeking Sister Wife on TLC on Sunday nights. It will be interesting to see if they talk about the move on the show, but they probably won’t be moving during this season considering the move just happened last month.