LuLaRoe Consultants In Trouble: 20,208 Facebook Member VIP Group Leaders Taya And Bobby Budenbender Face Heat

LuLaRoe has faced its fair share of controversy and that controversy has not ended. As reported by the Inquisitr, LuLaRoe lawsuits emerged that contained claims of LuLaRoe consultants having $20,000 worth of unsold inventory piling up in their garages that they couldn’t sell. Now LuLaRoe has lost their partnership with the National Down Syndrome Society, according to The Mighty. The above video showing Robert “Bobby” Budenbender appearing to mock himself and people with disabilities with the manner in which he shifted his eyes and spoke has come under fire. As a result, the National Down Syndrome Society said they would break their association with LuLaRoe.

The Facebook page titled LuLaRoe with Taya and Bobby Budenbender VIPS is a closed group that enjoys more than 20,000 members.

Now the Budenbenders are experiencing backlash, according to Heavy, along with the MLM company where they work as consultants, known as LuLaRoe. Not just any consultants, Taya and Bobby are top consultants, known for their dedication to selling. However, it was the live selling video above that brought unwanted attention to the couple. The video was uploaded last week, but has since been removed. That hasn’t stopped copies of Budenbender’s live LuLaRoe video from going viral.

The apology video from Robert has also gotten plenty of views, even if not everyone is giving the apology video high marks.

LuLaRoe’s most recent scandal, according to Ricochet, simply adds on to the other controversies that have surrounded LuLaRoe’s business model. With a main office in California, LuLaRoe has consultants all over the country that must order plenty of inventory that they hope sells through and makes a profit, in order to not get stuck with plenty of inventory.

But popular YouTube videos like the one above from a former LuLaRoe super-seller show disillusionment with LuLaRoe after a period of time – so much so that some consultants decided to quit selling LuLaRoe.

Critics are blasting LuLaRoe for appearing to take the side of the LuLaRoe consultants who apologized for their controversial video, according to WLTX. As seen in the below statement from LuLaRoe co-founders, Mark and DeAnne Stidham believed the apology was sincere.