WWE News: Big Update On Rey Mysterio’s Status With WWE And If He Will Be On TV This Week


It was one of the biggest surprises of last night’s Royal Rumble, and fans went nuts when they heard his music, but is Rey Mysterio back for good in WWE? As the countdown ended, Rey Mysterio’s music hit and he headed out to a huge ovation, as fans never had an idea he was going to show up. Once the night was over, he didn’t end up winning the big match, but everyone is wondering if he’s back for good and if he’ll appear on TV this week.

Mysterio wasn’t the only surprise return at the Royal Rumble, as The Hurricane also made a very short appearance. In the women’s battle royal, there were a lot of old-school names from the past that returned and had some pretty good showings.

According to PW Insider, Mysterio’s appearance in the Royal Rumble was a one-off thing, but that may not last for too long. Over the course of the last year, WWE has had a number of contract discussions with Rey Rey, but obviously, no agreement was ever made.

Well, it seems as if there was one small obstacle that the two sides could not get past, but there is hope it will be sorted out soon.

The reason the two sides came to a half in discussions is that the 43-year-old Mysterio was not overly fond of working more than part-time. WWE was hoping that he would return to a full-time schedule and not be there as little as Brock Lesnar or Chris Jericho.

Mysterio has wrestled for AAA, Lucha Underground, and other promotions since leaving WWE a few years ago. He was actually rumored to begin with Impact Wrestling earlier this month, but the deal wasn’t completed in enough time to appear at the TV taping, and it just never worked out.

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After last night’s performance at the Royal Rumble and the huge reaction that Rey Mysterio received from the crowd, WWE may reconsider wanting him full-time. Sure, they’d want to have him around as much as possible, but having him part-time would be better than not having him at all.

Mysterio was interviewed after his return and he actually sounded like he truly missed being in WWE.

As far as things currently stand, Rey Mysterio has not been signed to a long-term deal with WWE, and it isn’t likely he’ll be seen on Monday Night Raw or SmackDown Live this week. Still, anything is possible and stranger things have happened, even just in the last few days alone. After his showing in the Royal Rumble and the great crowd reaction for his return, WWE has a lot to think over.