January 29, 2018
Bethenny Frankel Slammed For Sharing Her Opinion Of Women Calling Out Rapists

Bethenny Frankel is known for having a big mouth when it comes to topics that she's passionate about. Frankel has gotten herself in trouble because of the things she has previously said, including encouraging women to sleep their way to the top. However, Bethenny doesn't care too much when people slam her for her opinions. This weekend was no different, as she decided to speak out about the various sexual allegations that are surfacing against successful men.

Bethenny may be concerned about the women who are lying about assaults for attention. Maybe the Real Housewives of New York star has seen women lie about guys and she's now speaking out about it. However, it sounds like some of her followers aren't too happy about the way things are coming to light. As it turns out, they think she may be focusing on the wrong part of this large #MeToo and sexual assault movement. According to a new tweet, Bethenny Frankel is now starting a massive discussion on social media. It is a touchy subject, as some of her followers are now asking her to keep them blocked as they don't want to see her tweets about sexual assault victims and accusers.

"I've just read many stories of women falsely accusing men of rape. The women bending the truth drown out the voices of the women who really need to be heard now and forever," Bethenny Frankel tweeted this weekend, to which people had several reactions, including one person who wrote, "#RHONY This is the stat you are focusing on? The amount of false rape accusations to actual rapes is minuscule. This is why women don't come forward. Perhaps it's best you have me blocked."

In the tweet Bethenny Frankel shared, she revealed that women who are accusing men of rape and lying about it are overshadowing the true stories of women who have been raped. But some of her fans are clearly not agreeing with her, sharing that many women don't come forward because they are being accused of lying. It's not the number of women lying that's big. It's an interesting discussion, but it sounds like Frankel has experience with a male-dominated industry, as she launched Skinnygirl in an industry she was told she would never be able to conquer.

"I built a brand focused on women & worked in male-dominated industries & witnessed the casting couch & the sleaziest men in Hollywood & other biz. The brave female victims need to clearly be heard. Anyone who says they didn't know about these high profile men is lying," Frankel later revealed in a second tweet, revealing she has seen things first-hand of women being pushed into uncomfortable situations.

Bethenny Frankel is currently worth millions and she has never spoken out about men sexually assaulting her. Perhaps no man would do that, as they know she has a massive platform and a big voice that she's not afraid to use. Bethenny is currently filming the newest season of The Real Housewives of New York.