Jack Lew Signature: Dollar Bills May Have Ridiculous Looking New Name Signed On Them

Jack Lew has a signature that’s been described as resembling a loopy straw you would buy at an amusement park, and it may soon be gracing every dollar bill in the nation.

Lew is President Obama’s pick to replace Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary, and though Lew has a reputation as a tough negotiator and strong work ethic, political pundits have also noticed something else he possesses — a downright silly signature.

A number of media outlets, including New York magazine, have gotten their hands on memos signed by Jack Lew, ones that will grace the bottom right-hand corner of every dollar if he’s confirmed as secretary. The signature was mocked when it showed up in a 2011 memorandum, but mostly forgotten about until now.

New York magazine was not kind in its assessment, comparing it to the following things:

– a Slinky that has lost its spring

– one of those Crazy Straws you get at Six Flags

– Sally Brown’s hair in Peanuts

– a slip of paper in Office Max that people use to try out new pens

Those not concerned with Jack Lew’s signature see him as a fitting pick for Obama. The Washington Post noted that his experience as budget director for both Obama and President Bill Clinton gives him experience in the upcoming fight between Democrats and Republicans on the nation’s economic vision for the future. Democrats want to raise taxes on the wealthy, and Lew is a veteran in negotiating compromises between taxes and spending.

There still could be hope for dollar bills with Jack Lew’s signature, too. Pundits have noted that Geithner also has notoriously bad handwriting, but altered his signature to look better on the dollar bill.