Brittany Cartwright’s Mom Confronts Jax Taylor About Cheating On New ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Slaven Vlasic Getty Images

Jax Taylor has been getting a hard time all season on Vanderpump Rules for cheating on Brittany Cartwright. These two are still together, but tonight on Vanderpump Rules the fans are going to be shocked to watch Jax have to deal with a confrontation from Brittany’s mom. Of course, she is not happy for what went down. Brittany’s mom Sherri went to her Twitter to reveal that fans get to see this tonight.

Last week, the viewers saw that Brittany and Jax didn’t even know her mom was coming to visit. Her girlfriends actually surprised her by inviting her mom out and paying to get her there. After everything that Brittany has been through recently, she needed her mom to lean on. She walked in the door to their apartment and Brittany was really excited, but Jax looked shocked. You could tell he wasn’t ready to deal with this, but he wasn’t going to be able to get out of it.

Jax Taylor admitted to cheating on Brittany Cartwright with Faith Stowers. Brittany almost left him over it, but she does love him. Jax spent a lot of time with her mom Sherri while they were out filming their spin-off show in Kentucky. He even told her mom that he has plans to marry her someday and has picked out a ring that he wants to get for her.

Bravo TV shared a bit on their page with a weekly round-up video of what will happen on various shows. Brittany’s mom isn’t happy at all and she wants to know if this was just a one-time thing or what. She even asks if he likes this person or wants a relationship with them at all. Brittany said her mom is a lot like her and is “very forgiving.” She told her daughter that if she does stay with Jax that she can’t keep bringing up these past issues. It does look like Brittany has found a way to move past it since they are still together.

A lot of people are shocked that Brittany Cartwright is still with Jax Taylor. Don’t miss her mom confront him tonight on Vanderpump Rules. New episodes air every Monday night on Bravo.