January 29, 2018
Jenelle Evans Accused Of Copying Other People's Artwork For Her New Clothing Line

Jenelle Evans recently launched a brand new clothing line, where people can buy tank tops and hoodies with some of her sayings throughout the years on Teen Mom 2. While some people were thrilled about her new clothing line, others questioned the originality about the pieces. As it turns out, Jenelle is now being accused of stealing a design with a skull on it. Evans has a tattoo on her arm that depicts a skull, and it sounds like she used this design on her hoodies. However, some people are criticizing her designs, revealing she should have been more original when it comes to her artwork.

According to a new tweet, Jenelle Evans is defending her clothing designs. These followers haven't pointed out where her designs appear other than her clothing, so it's hard to make a comparison between the designs. However, one person seemed adamant that the design was indeed taken from somewhere else. The follower reveals that Jenelle had taken the design, made a few moderations, and now called it her own. But Evans was ready to defend her designs, revealing that the skull on the shirts is the same as her tattoo, adding that the design isn't even done.

"This all looks suspiciously like copy/paste text that you created in an app on your phone. ITS JUST TEXT!!" one person wrote about Jenelle Evans' designs, while another added, "What is sad is that you can take somebody's design, modify it a tad and call it your own and not give the original artist credit. It's apparent that's what happened here."

"It's not the same design at all... I'm actually going to add onto it," Jenelle Evans wrote back on Twitter, sharing that she did not rip off someone else's design.

It's interesting that Jenelle Evans is being accused of stealing designs. While Evans has tried to start a business to supplement her Teen Mom 2 income, it sounds like she's having a hard time making money to replace the thousands of dollars she gets from MTV every season. Evans has threatened to quit several times, and in the past year, Evans has started a cosmetics line, a clothing line, and has teased more upcoming projects. It's interesting that fans are going the distance to protect a design. If someone feels that Evans has stolen the design, there could be a copyright issue that might lead to a lawsuit. It really would depend on the person's original design and whether Jenelle has stolen potential income from that person by copying the design.

Jenelle Evans is possibly filming the newest season of Teen Mom 2. While she has threatened to quit the show several times, she always comes back for another season.