Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston Reunion Wrecks Justin Theroux Marriage: Jen’s Worried Pals ‘Lash Out’ [Rumors]

When Angelina Jolie filed for divorce from Brad Pitt, speculation soared about how Jennifer Aniston was feeling. Brad and Jennifer’s marriage allegedly fell apart because of his romance with Angelina, and some fans speculated that Aniston was gloating with glee over the failure of his relationship with Jolie. Fast-forward more than a year, however, and the speculation has shifted to wondering what’s going on with Jennifer and Brad.

Pitt and his ex-wife, who is currently married to Justin Theroux, have reportedly reunited. As the Inquisitr reported, a recent report claimed that Brad has even introduced Aniston to some of his children, causing Pitt’s estranged wife, Angelina Jolie, to go “ballistic.” But it’s not just Jolie who reportedly is troubled about Brad’s and Jennifer’s renewed relationship. A new report claims that Aniston is destroying her marriage to Justin Theroux by rekindling her romance with Pitt, causing some of her friends to be so worried that they have “lashed out” at the Friends star.

Jennifer Aniston Clashes With ‘Furious’ Friends Over Brad Pitt

Jennifer has stayed in touch with many of her co-stars from her Friends days. Two of those pals, Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox, found out about Aniston’s relationship with Pitt, and they’re worried that she’s destroying her marriage to Justin Theroux, an insider told New Idea.

“With Jen Aniston and Brad Pitt spending more and more time together in the wake of his divorce from Angelina Jolie,…there are two people dead against the former couple’s renewed closeness — Lisa Kudrow and Courteney Cox.”

Although Lisa and Courteney want Jennifer to be happy, they remember what she went through when her marriage to Brad fell apart. Aniston’s friends are so “furious” that they “lashed out” at Jennifer over the situation, according to the source.

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Cox and Kudrow reportedly think that Aniston is hurting her marriage to Justin Theroux by getting close to Brad once more. But beyond that, Lisa and Courteney were there for Jennifer after her divorce from Pitt, and they fear that she’s setting herself up for a repeat of that painful situation, according to the source.

Jennifer Aniston’s Pals Upset She’s Forgotten Pain Caused By Brad Pitt

Aniston’s buddies reportedly feel concerned that she has renewed her romance with Brad. Jennifer, Lisa, and Courteney are so close that Aniston’s former co-stars played key roles in helping her rebuild her life after her divorce from Pitt.

“Lisa and Courteney are… disappointed that Jen seems to have ‘completely forgotten’ about the pain Brad caused her after their marriage ended. [They helped] their broken friend rebuild her life after her 2005 split from Brad.”

In the wake of her divorce from Pitt, Jennifer reportedly was forced to rebuild her “life and heart,” according to the insider. Cox and Kudrow were there for Aniston “morning, noon and night after Brad broke her heart,” added the insider. Jennifer’s friends feel that her decision to tie the knot with Justin Theroux was the “best” choice she’s ever made.

Brad Pitt Rekindled Romance Risks “Everything” In Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux Relationship

Shocked by the situation, Courteney and Lisa believe that Jennifer is “risking everything” because she’s spending so much time with Brad rather than Justin, according to the source. Aniston reportedly has told Kudrow and Cox that she and Pitt are “just friends” and that she’s helping Brad after his split from Angelina Jolie. But the two are still concerned.

“They can’t help but be worried. What happens if Brad decides to dump Jen from his life like he did before? Lisa and Courteney, especially, know that it will be on them to help her pick up the pieces.”

Jennifer’s friends are reportedly so frustrated that they engaged in a “series of heated” telephone debates with Aniston. Exhausted from “trying to talk some sense” into Jennifer, Kudrow and Cox reportedly devoted a full day to trying to persuade Aniston to focus on her marriage to Justin Theroux rather than her renewed relationship with Brad Pitt.

Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston reportedly are having marriage problems amid her renewed relationship with Brad Pitt.

“Lisa really loves Jen, and she just doesn’t want to see her hurt again,” added the source.

Jennifer Aniston’s Rumored Meeting With Brad Pitt’s Kids Shows New Level Of Closeness

Kudrow and Cox reportedly are working hard on preventing Brad and Jennifer’s relationship from getting stronger. But Aniston’s recent meeting with four of Pitt’s children has added to her friends’ concerns, added the insider.

“It was a momentous day. Meeting his kids is just another level of closeness [for Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston].”

Reflecting on Jennifer and Brad’s “big past,” from romance to marriage to divorce, the source pointed out that it is understandable why Aniston’s friends are so concerned. Jennifer is especially close to Courteney, even sharing in an interview that she has “slept in her guest bedroom a lot” and praising Cox for being there for her “through thick and thin.”

Aniston’s best friend is “extremely fair, ridiculously loyal and fiercely loving,” and Courteney reportedly wants the best for her friend. To Cox, that means putting the brakes on her relationship with Brad and turning back to Justin Theroux.

Jennifer Aniston Risks Marriage To Justin Theroux

Lisa Kudrow also has stayed close to Aniston. After spending so much time working on Friends, she has an “unbreakable” bond with Jennifer. But it is Courteney who has gone public with her defense of Aniston.

“Courteney… has always been a fierce supporter of Jen’s – publicly slamming Brad for being ‘attracted to Angelina’ while he was married to her best friend.”

When Pitt and Jolie split, Cox would not discuss Jennifer’s reaction in public, however. She emphasized that the split was “not about” Aniston, expressing concern that revealing Jennifer’s reaction would add to the rumors.

As for precisely how Aniston’s renewed relationship with Pitt has affected her marriage to Justin Theroux, Radar Online reported that Justin and Jennifer’s marriage has “been on the brink” for some time. And while Aniston stays close to her friends, Jen reportedly isn’t too fond of Theroux’s buddies.

“Jen is really freaked out by all of the harassment stories around Hollywood and it’s led to a reality check when it comes to Justin and his oddball buddies like Terry Richardson, Danny Masterson, and even Louis CK,” an insider told Radar.

Moreover, Theroux and Aniston allegedly fought over the holidays, pushing them even closer to a divorce, according to the source. As the Inquisitr reported, Jennifer’s friend Jimmy Kimmel reportedly is aware of the problems in her marriage and is taking Aniston’s side.