Beth Chapman Shades CBS Over ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Castings: ‘Their Loss’

Last week, a self-proclaimed “insider” revealed a leaked list of 10 celebrities who made up the cast of CBS’s first season of Celebrity Big Brother. Beth was one of the stars on this supposed “confirmed” list, but the entire thing was revealed to be a hoax, as the actual houseguests were revealed last night during the Grammy Awards. Not one celebrity on the leaked list was on the actual one revealed by CBS.

Dog the Bounty Hunter fans were ecstatic when the first list was released from JulieBBInsider, as they were overjoyed to see Beth back on their television screens. Beth’s silence on the matter only made fans more suspicious, as several celebrities who were on the leaked list denied their involvement.

Now that CBS has revealed the 11 actual contestants, Beth is addressing the whole situation on Twitter.

Beth shared two tweets regarding the Celebrity Big Brother casting, with her first addressing the U.K. version of the show. According to Beth, she was scheduled to appear on CBBUK not once, but twice and could not appear because she was not allowed in London.

“Although it would be a blast 2 be a house mate on #CBBUS it’s a shame we were not picked this time Again by our own country,” she tweeted out.

Beth then went on to tag Perez Hilton in the tweet, noting the ratings would have been off the charts if she and the celebrity blogger had been chosen.

In her second tweet, she claimed it was CBS’s “loss” that she and Perez would not be appearing on CBBUS.

“What an amazing show that would have been,” she continued.

Beth then admitted she ran into longtime Big Brother host Julie Chen and her husband, the head of CBS, Leslie Moonves, at an unspecified time. The reality star claimed they discussed CBBUS, but nothing happened further from their conversation. She ended the statement with a crying-face emoji.

Loyal Dog the Bounty Hunter fans began replying to the tweets, claiming Beth would have been a better contestant over any of the 11 currently slated to appear.

“Yes that would have been awesome,” one fan noted.

The real cast of CBBUS includes Omarosa Manigault, Brandi Glanville, Mark McGrath, Shannon Elizabeth, Chuck Liddell, Metta World Peace, Ross Matthews, James Maslow, Keshia Knight Pulliam, Ariadna Gutierrez, and Marissa Jaret Winokur.

Watch Celebrity Big Brother when it debuts February 7 on CBS.