January 29, 2018
Maci Bookout's Mother Praises Her For Being Brave: Ryan Edwards' Sobriety Is Still Questioned

Maci Bookout has been dealing with some serious issues over the past year when it comes to Bentley's biological father, Ryan Edwards. The Teen Mom OG star was shocked to learn that Ryan was addicted to Xanax and possibly other painkillers. It was even more shocking when she learned that Edwards had no problem going behind the wheel and driving while high. Maci has put some firm guidelines into place, revealing that she doesn't think Ryan should see his son while he's high. She has even revealed she will go with him to get a drug test done.

Apparently, some people believe that Maci is doing the wrong thing, as she's been too firm with Ryan. Ryan's parents are furious that they are getting less time with Bentley. They have expressed their frustrations on Teen Mom OG. According to a new tweet, Maci Bookout's mother, Sharon Bookout, shared a tweet where she called Maci brave. She tagged Maci in the tweet and used a sweet hashtag, pointing to their red hair. However, it sounds like Sharon thinks her daughter is brave for setting such strict guidelines to protect her son from a father who could end up crashing his car with his son inside.

"Being brave means to know something is scary, difficult, and dangerous, and doing it anyway, because the possibility of winning the fight is worth the chance of losing it," Sharon Bookout revealed in a tweet that Maci retweeted herself.

As Sharon points out, Maci Bookout is brave for tackling scary and difficult situations, including those that are downright dangerous. Perhaps she's referring to Ryan's drug use. Many viewers have revealed that they are convinced he's still high even though he went to a short-term treatment program. He was home again within a few weeks. It's possible that fans are also questioning whether Bookout's decision to keep Bentley from his father is the right decision. She has been criticized for keeping Bentley away from his father and his grandparents. Larry Edwards has said some harsh things about Maci, some of which Maci may not be able to forgive him for.

Maci Bookout is currently on Teen Mom OG, which airs on MTV on Monday nights. Fans have criticized MTV for sharing too much of Mackenzie Standifer's storyline and not too much of Maci's story.