‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Cast Members Reveal Their Strategies To Win The $250K Grand Prize

The Celebrity Big Brother cast has finally been revealed, and as expected, the lineup includes a mix of athletes, actors, musicians, and reality stars. As reported by Deadline, The Apprentice star turned White House staffer Omarosa Manigault headlines a cast that includes Sugar Ray frontman Mark McGrath, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, Cosby Show kid Keshia Knight Pulliam, American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth, Big Time Rush heartthrob James Maslow, Broadway veteran Marissa Jaret Winokur, former NBA player Metta World Peace, MMA fighter Chuck Liddell, TV host Ross Matthews, and Miss Universe runner-up Ariadna Gutiérrez.

With such a wide array of stars on the Celebrity Big Brother cast, it should be interesting to see the many strategies they use in an attempt to take home the show’s $250,000 grand prize. Some of the Celebrity Big Brother stars are clear superfans—multiple cast members have spoken openly about their love for the CBS reality franchise, most notably Shannon Elizabeth who says she has watched all of the show’s previous 19 seasons at least once.

In their CBS bios, the Celebrity Big Brother cast members were asked what their strategies will be while playing the Big Brother game. Surprisingly, several of the stars, including Ariadna Gutiérrez and Brandi Glanville, said they don’t really have a strategy except to be themselves. Gutiérrez added that she plans to treat the other houseguests with the same respect that she wants to be treated with. While that’s a nice “strategy” in theory, any true fan of the franchise knows that respect is not always a two-way street in the Big Brother house.

Brandi Glanville of Celebrity Big Brother

Of the Celebrity Big Brother players planning to go into the house with a strategy, Chuck Liddell admits he is not a “schemer” by nature, but that he plans to step out of his comfort zone for the celebrity edition of the CBS reality show.

“This game will force me to get uncomfortable and I will have no choice but to lie, create fake alliances, manipulate, deceive people, and do a myriad of other things that I do not agree with in my real life,” the UFC legend told CBS.

“I am going to go into the house in the beginning the unassuming nice guy that I am, assess the other Houseguests, make a couple quick alliances, and play the rest of the game on my toes with the phrase in my head ‘eat or be eaten!’ and be ready for things to turn at any moment.”

Big Brother Celebrity Cast

Other stars, including James Maslow, plan to pick the strongest players in the house and form an alliance with them. Keshia Knight Pulliam revealed that she plans to “be present, observant, and win challenges,” while Marissa Jaret Winokur dished that she intends to play a social game.

“I’m going to try not to annoy Houseguests and talk too much,” Marissa said. “I’m also going to try to team up with some athletic house guests who can win physical challenges.”

Celebrity Big Brother contestants should watch out for Mark McGrath. The Sugar Ray singer and reality TV veteran plans to come into the Big Brother house with guns blazing.

“Since this is a truncated, expedited version of the game, playing the wall might not be the best strategy,” McGrath said.

“Hearts are gonna be broken early and there’s nowhere to hide. So I figure you might as well come in hot!”

Celebrity Big Brother Stars

In an interesting take on the Big Brother game, Metta World Peace told CBS he plans on “focusing on and implementing” former NBA coach Phil Jackson’s teaching methods to win the CBS reality show.

And then there’s Omarosa. The reality TV queen, fresh off of her short stint in Trump’s White House, says she plans to “run the show from behind the scenes, be a BFF to everybody and let them underestimate me.”

Omarosa Manigault Of Celebrity Big Brother

As for Shannon Elizabeth, who has already been named a Celebrity Big Brother frontrunner by former champ Evel Dick Donato, the actress says she feels well-prepared to enter the Big Brother house thanks to her acting career.

“My career in acting has obviously prepared me so that I can go into the house and play a role, almost,” Shannon said.

“I’ll have to play the role of someone who can be friendly, backstabbing, deceitful, powerful, weak, and mysterious—just to name a few. My strategy is that I will constantly have to change my strategy. I have seen every single season of Big Brother at least once, if not twice. I will need to pull from all of the best players and make it my own. I am hoping for some big, loud, outgoing personalities that can stand out as big targets right off the bat. I, meanwhile, will be setting up my alliance and picking people off one by one. “

Shannon Elizabeth of Big Brother

Check out the Celebrity Big Brother casting announcement below.

Celebrity Big Brother premieres Feb. 7 on CBS.