Mother Of Serial Killer Ted Bundy Dies At 88

Louise Bundy, the mother of serial killer Ted Bundy, has died at age 88.

According to The News Tribune, Bundy died at her home in Tacoma, Washington, last month after a long illness.

Bundy fiercely defended her son, who was executed in 1989, up until he made a number of death row confessions admitting to the murders of more than two dozen women. When the killings first started in the mid-70s, Louise Bundy was married with five children and worked at the University of Puget Sound as a secretary. When her son was convicted of killing two Florida State University students in 1980, Bundy refused to believe the charges against him.

“Ted Bundy does not go around killing women and little children,” she told The New Tribune then. “And I know this, too, that our never-ending faith in Ted – our faith that he is innocent – has never wavered. And it never will.”

The day her son was executed, Louise Bundy spoke to him twice on the phone. At the end of the second call she told him, “You’ll always be my precious son.”

Bundy and her husband, John, had to change their number frequently over the years, as they kept getting angry phone calls related to their son. They were also given dirty looks when they were out, but Bundy didn’t let that drive her out of her hometown. She remained an active member of her church until she became to ill to attend.

As we have previously reported, Ted Bundy’s DNA was added to the FBI database two decades after his execution. The DNA was used to determine whether Bundy could be linked to a number of cold cases that occurred before he was executed.