Donald Trump Talks About Feminism, Bedside Tweeting, And Relationship With The UK In Latest Interview

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Donald Trump’s latest interview with Piers Morgan for ITV is suddenly becoming ground-shaking news after the 45th president of the United States of America revealed he “wouldn’t call himself a feminist.” Apart from talking about this, the president talked about his ongoing relationship with the UK and how he sometimes tweets from his bed.

Donald Trump On Feminism:

With the ongoing #MeToo campaign and Larry Nassar’s case, and with sexual harassment being on the news more than ever, it was important for Piers Morgan to ask President Trump about his views on feminism.

President Trump stated that he is not a feminist because he is not only here to support women, but rather all people, reports CNN.

“No, I wouldn’t say I’m a feminist. That would be, maybe, going too far.”

Trump added that women are doing great and he is “happy about that.”

When Morgan asked President Trump to comment on the recent one-year anniversary of the Women’s March on Washington, he responded that this year’s march was a lot smaller than last year’s.

“You’re always going to have marches,” he added.

Donald Trump’s Bedside Tweeting:

Everyone is familiar with President Donald Trump’s Twitter usage. On his official Twitter handle, Trump shares his day-to-day activities, along with his views on change in policies.


During Trump’s recent interview, he was questioned about his Twitter usage and the president explained that this is his way of communicating with the rest of the world. He even stated that a lawyer, John Dowd, once tweeted from his account.

When asked about the timing of his tweets, Trump stated the following:

“Perhaps in bed, perhaps sometimes at breakfast and lunch. Generally speaking during the early morning I can do that then I am busy during the day. I sometimes just dictate out things to my people.”

Donald Trump On Relationship With UK

Throughout the interview, Donald Trump claimed he is very popular in the UK despite ongoing calls for protests if he takes up Theresa May’s official invite for a state visit.

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“We actually have a very good relationship although a lot of people think we don’t. I support her [May]. I support a lot of what she does and a lot of what she says.”

Apart from this, he stated that he is not aware whether he had received an invitation to the royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle later this year. There have been several speculations that the couple will invite Barack Obama and his family instead of Donald Trump and his family; however, as of now, the official wedding list is not yet revealed.

“I really want them to be happy. They look like a lovely couple,” Donald Trump added.

President Trump was also asked to comment on his diet which has been in the news in recent times. When asked about eating burgers, junk food, and drinking Coke, Trump stated that he eats fine food as he has some of the finest chefs in the world.