Trump And Melania Relationship: FLOTUS Allegedly Says 'Fake News' Amid Husband's Rumored Stormy Daniels Affair

Melania Trump has no time for "false" reporting about her relationship with Donald Trump amid swirling rumors over his alleged affair with the former adult film star Stormy Daniels. Apparently, she is too busy getting on with the business of being the first lady of the United States. In response to all the gossip about divorce and how the fallout has affected her marriage with President Trump, Melania dismisses it as fake news, according to a new report from the Independent.

Melania Trump apparently is breaking her silence about the mounting reports of her torn relationship, but her words came by way of a spokesperson. Days ago, the Daily Mail reported that the first lady had been "spending nights at a posh hotel" in Washington, alone, while her husband traveled overseas to promote America's business interests.

Suggestions of a Donald and Melania Trump divorce have cropped up in some reports. As the Inquisitr previously reported, some perceive Melania's recent behavior as a rebellion that could not only signal divorce with their relationship, but also upend Trump's presidency.

DM claimed that a White House source, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said the news about Donald Trump's reported tryst with the former adult film star had taken its toll on Melania.

"It's been upsetting and humiliating; her relationship with President Trump has become strained," according to the unnamed source. Melania, who is notoriously private and short on words, has not addressed the rumors publicly. Furthermore, there is no indication that she has plans. Rather, Mrs. Trump's spokesperson, Stephanie Grisham, made a statement in the wake of the latest rumors amid the lurid details about Stormy Daniels and the president.

Regarding the backstory, as the Wall Street Journal's Joe Palazzolo and Michael Rothfeld first reported recently (via Vox) on the bombshell news about Donald Trump, the president allegedly had a sexual relationship for nearly one year with Daniels in 2006. Moreover, in exchange for her silence, Trump's attorney funneled money through a Delaware limited liability company and paid then-candidate Trump's mistress, real name Stephanie Clifford, $130,000 in "hush money," according to a January tweet by Palazzolo where he divulged the names of the attorney and company.

It's unclear if Melania Trump was aware of her husband's reported infidelity. The White House and Trump's legal counsel maintain that the reports are fake news.

Trump's lawyer, Michael Cohen, tried to diffuse the stunning report by releasing a statement of denial from Daniels. Multiple news outlets were quick to impeach Daniels by providing details of statements she allegedly made in the past.

A Slate writer recalled how he met Stormy Daniels in 2006 after getting in touch with her through an unnamed source. Then, based on his reporting, Daniels acknowledged having an affair with Trump during his marriage to Melania Trump.

On the heels of the WSJ's report, In Touch Weekly recalled covering a story about Stormy Daniels in 2011 where she allegedly claimed to have "spanked" Donald Trump using a Forbes Magazine. In the same interview, she boasted about being able to "describe his junk" in detail.

It's unclear what to conclude about how the news has affected the first family. After the news about the president's purported affair broke, Melania accompanied her husband to their luxury golf resort in Florida. However, according to insiders, things were anything but normal about their relationship.

Apparently, Melania Trump raised red flags about her relationship to the real estate magnate when she was a no-show at two dinners that the president hosted at the property. On her decision to remain behind during Trump's overseas trip, Melania's spokesperson said the cancellation was due to "too many scheduling and logistical issues," as People reported. Still, one reader opined that divorce is a foregone conclusion with the Trumps.

Thursday, as part of International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Melania appeared at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum. There, she paid homage to the survivors and victims of the World War II-era genocide tragedy.

Melania used social media to document her visit to the facility during the somber occasion.

Kate Andersen Brower, a CNN contributor, told Wolf Blitzer that Melania's noticeable absence from her husband's side leaves others to write their own narrative. The expert on first ladies in America said there is little precedent to Melania's cancellation of her scheduled trip to Davos. She added that Donald and Melania Trump's relationship has been "unusual" from the beginning of the New York billionaire's presidency, as Huffington Post reported.

"We haven't had a relationship this fraught since, I think, the Clintons, even going back and looking at someone like Eleanor Roosevelt or Jackie Kennedy, where there were lots of rumors surrounding their relationship," Brower said.