Turpin ‘House Of Horror’ Case: Family’s Texas Home Filled With Feces And Was ‘Uninhabitable,’ Says New Owner

The Turpin “House of Horror” case has launched a probe about David and Louise Turpin and their family to the point of churning out a couple of horrifying new details that may prove that the family lived quite an odd life even before they moved to California.

Several weeks ago, authorities were able to rescue 13 children from their “evil parents” in Perris, California, where they were allegedly tortured, abused, and held captive for years. The accused, identified as 57-year-old David and 49-year-old Louise Turpin, have since denied the allegations and pleaded not guilty to a total of 75 felony charges in court, the Inquisitr reported.

Based on the reports, the police were able to get word of the crime after one of the Turpin children managed to escape and phone in for a rescue. However, a new update on the case revealed that this may not be the first time the Turpin kids tried to end their misery.

According to Mercury News, one of the children tried to escape their “House of Horror” when the family were still residing in Texas in 2010. Unfortunately, the Turpin daughter’s attempt had failed and prompted David and Louise Turpin to decide to move to California for fear of authorities barging in at the life they carefully crafted for their family. At the time, they lived in a 36-acre property in Hill County, Texas.

Before moving to Murrieta, the couple reportedly trashed their Texas home in order to repel any curious observer from probing the house. In fact, Nellie Baldwin, the new owner of the Texas home, revealed the filthy state of the foreclosed residence when she procured it back in 2011.

“It was nasty and looked like it was uninhabitable,” she told Radar Online.

“They had smeared feces on the walls in the living room and every room just had a terrible odor.”

Speaking to Mercury News, 78-year-old Baldwin recalled witnessing how the Turpin girl “went walking down the road” before someone picked her up.

“A neighbor came along. She told him to take her to a telephone,” she added, revealing how she believed that the Turpin daughter called 911.

“All of a sudden, they just disappeared. No one ever saw them again.”

“It wasn’t until about a few days later that they left. They just disappeared. He didn’t make any more payments on that place or anything,” Baldwin added.

The 78-year-old Texas resident further revealed that not a single one of David and Louise Turpin’s neighbors “had anything to do with them because they were loners” and said that the people in the neighborhood thought they were “strange.”

“They said, ‘The people are strange. They homeschool the kids and don’t let them out,’” recalled Billy, Nellie Baldwin’s son, saying that they asked around about the former owners of the property before buying it.

The Inquisitr also reported on an expert’s theory about the real reason why the couple acted strangely and revealed that the Turpin dad might actually be the leader of a Doomsday cult. Another report also revealed shocking details about David and Louise Turpin’s shady past and questionable plans for their family’s future, citing an interview with the California mom’s siblings.