Poll: Donald Trump Racist Against Black Americans, Most Americans Convinced

President Donald Trump is racist against black people, more than half of all Americans believe, with two in five voters agreeing that his bias is strongly shown.

Despite recently declaring to reporters that he is the “least racist person you will ever interview,” a Washington Post/ABC News poll finds most respondents feel differently, with 52 percent of them overall agreeing that Trump harbors a bias that is apparent.

Researchers noted that roughly 80 percent of black and Democrat respondents both saw Trump as being racist, versus just 20 percent of Republicans.

Roughly two in three Hispanic voters also agreed that the president exudes a biased attitude where blacks are concerned.

The poll of 1,005 adults was conducted soon after Trump caused a stir by referring to Haiti, El Salvador, and African nations as “sh**hole countries” during a meeting at the White House over immigration.

Most recent polls haven’t been kind to Trump, with a recent Quinnipiac University poll finding that Trump “lacks “moral leadership,” and most voters don’t consider him to have a positive influence on children.

In all, 67 percent of voters agreed that Trump does not have a positive influence on children, even as nine in 10 respondents said they think a president should.

With the exception of Republicans, pollsters found that voters across most all demographics — gender, education, age, and racial group — agree that Trump falls short in the role model department, while on the question of if he provides “moral leadership,” 63 percent of the 1,245 respondents said no compared to just 29 percent who said he does.

Donald Trump, poll

On the question of if Trump’s White House antics have left them “embarrassed,” 53 percent of respondents said yes against just 27 percent of voters who say they are proud to have him as president.

“For President Donald Trump, it’s a troubling trifecta: Stagnant approval numbers, low grades on most character traits and the reality that if parents are looking for someone their kids should emulate, that person is not residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue,” said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Overall, Trump’s approval rating now stands at just 36 percent with 58 percent of voters expressing disapproval of his job performance, marking the seventh consecutive month his approval numbers have fallen below 40 percent.