110 Inch 4K TV Unveiled By Westinghouse At CES 2013

Westinghouse has been showing off its new 110 inch 4K tv at CES 2013 in Las Vegas this week.

The massive television isn’t heading into department stores anytime soon but Westinghouse will start building televisions on a per order basis. The price hasn’t been set in stone yet but Jason Henriques , the VP of Technology and Social Services at HWH PR, said that the 110 inch television will be available for about $300,000.

Yes, $300,000.

The 110 inch 4K television was impressively big and the 3840 x 2160 pixel resolution showed a brilliant picture but it’s hard to imagine many people dropping $300,000 on one of these TVs. Especially since there isn’t too much 4K content on the market at the moment.

Thankfully, Westinghouse has plenty of other offerings.

The company is also offering TVs with the same picture quality in 65, 55 and 50 inch sizes. The 65 inch will sell for about $4000 while the 50 inch TV will be available for about $2500.

Westinghouse also showed off some of its new Bluetooth speakers. The 110 inch television may have been the focus of Westinghouse’s offerings at 2013 CES but they’ll probably sell a slightly higher number of their moderately priced ($129 – $229) speakers.

Here’s a photo of Westinghouse’s 110-inch 4K tv.

westinghouse tv

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