John Kerry Demands To See Donald Trump's 'Girth Certificate' After Allegations He's Lying About His Weight

Nathan Francis

John Kerry has joined the growing number of people who don't believe Donald Trump is telling the truth about his weight, with the former Democratic presidential candidate demanding that Trump release his "girth certificate."

Earlier this month, Trump underwent a full physical and shared the results --- which did not seem to jive for many of his critics. The exam claimed that Trump was in excellent health, despite reports that the president subsists on a diet consisting mostly of fast food and diet soda and Trump's lifelong belief that exercise is actually bad for the body.

But the sticking point for most Trump critics was his reported weight --- 239 pounds, which conveniently put Trump just one pound away from being listed as obese.

John Kerry couldn't resist the chance to make fun of Trump and what appeared to be a fib about his weight.

"Despite the pressure he's under, the White House physician says President Trump is in great shape — a trim 239 pounds. Personally, I just won't believe him until he produces his long-form girth certificate," Kerry said on Saturday (via The Hill).

The comment also mocked Donald Trump's long-held belief that Barack Obama was not born inside the United States and was lying on his birth certificate. Trump became the loudest and most prominent member of the "birther" movement, continuing to espouse the belief that Obama was not born in the United States even after Obama had made public his long-form birth certificate in response to Trump.

There were reports last year that Trump still tells people privately that he believes Obama was not born in America, despite saying during the 2016 presidential race that he now did believe Obama was born in the United States and that he considered the matter settled.