Who Is 'Baywatch' Actress Nicole Eggert Who Is Accusing Scott Baio Of Molestation?

Former Baywatch actress Nicole Eggert has been thrust back into the spotlight after years of virtual quiet, but now that she is coming forward with accusations of sexual molestation at the hands of her Charles In Charge co-star and avid Trump supporter, Scott Baio, all eyes are on her. Nicole Eggert was a busy child actor in 1989 when she took the role opposite Scott Baio. Eggert had one major role after Charles in Charge, on Baywatch with David Hasselhoff, but up until now, like Scott Baio, she has shifted out of the limelight.

Who Is Nicole Eggert?

But who is Nicole Eggert? Eggert was born in California and started acting as a baby in commercials, and went on to do appearances on dramas as a child. Biography says that Charles in Charge was her first co-starring role as Jamie Powell alongside Scott Baio and his longtime pal, actor Willie Ames from Eight Is Enough. In the early 90s, Nicole Eggert moved on to a more adult role as a lifeguard in Baywatch, complete with the dazzling red bathing suit opposite David Hasselhoff. Nicole Eggert is first generation American, as her father Rolf Eggert was born in Germany, and her mother, Gina Eggert was born in the U.K.

Nicole Eggert Says Her First Major Role Was Opposite Scott Baio

Nicole Eggert explains that she was sheltered, with most of her education coming at the hands of on-set tutors rather than going to school with other children. In her formative years, Eggert appeared as William Shatner's daughter on the cop show T.J. Hooker.
"I was really spoiled, but I wasn't a brat. My mom was strict at the same time."
Eggert first made the tabloids while she was on Charles In Charge at age 16 when it was made public that she was dating former Joanie Loves Chachi star Scott Baio, then 27. Adding to the scandal at the time was the fact that Baio played Eggert's babysitter on the show.

Eggert explained that her follow-up role on Baywatch was stressful as it came with a list of things she has to do and maintain to keep the Baywatch role of Summer Quinn. Nicole Eggert explains she had to pass a swim test, get breast implants and sign a contract agreeing not to gain weight. Weight gain would lead to termination.

"Everybody would get on my back about all the junk food I ate and that I smoked."
Nicole Eggert hadn't realized that by having plastic surgery, it would be harder to get legitimate work in the future.

In The Last Years, Nicole Eggert Has Been On Reality Television

Nicole Eggert explains that after Baywatch she had bit parts, but struggled with being typecast as a bimbo with large breast implants. Eggert spent years going in various reality television shows but ended up on Botched where she approached Drs. Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to help her with her botched breast enhancement according to Us Magazine.

Nicole Eggert desperately wanted her breasts reduced so she could get back to living her life.

"I'm a mom with a 3-year-old at my hip. There are certainly no roles where I'll be ripping my shirt off. Nobody's seeing my boobs! I would be so much happier with a couple scars and just have a better life with them."
At the end of the episode, Nicole Eggert was thrilled by the results that Dr. Terry Dubrow gave her.

The Twitter And Social Media Battle Between Nicole Eggert And Scott Baio Is Just Getting Started

The conflict with Scott Baio seems to have just gotten started for Nicole Eggert who shared graphic details on Twitter of what she is calling molestation at the hands of Baio.