January 28, 2018
Amy Roloff Post On Jacob's Engagement Trolled By Fans Accusing Son Of 'Needing Money'

Some people can't get over the fact that family feuds can be resolved and that parents will always love and support their children no matter the circumstances. This idea seems to be lost on at least one follower of Amy Roloff, the Little People, Big World matriarch.

Amy recently shared an adorable photo of her son Jacob with his fiancée Isabel Rock to celebrate their engagement. For those who haven't checked up on the Roloff family in a day or so, Jacob revealed that he has proposed to Izzy and are now engaged.

Amy wanted to commemorate that special moment with a heartwarming post on social media. Unfortunately, some of her followers still managed to say something negative on such a beautiful moment.

"He must need money, stays away but pops back, congrats, but remember who put you there," said Debi Cosme.

The troll seems to be questioning why Jacob has made up with the rest of the Roloff family after a much-publicized feud that saw him leaving Little People, Big World and saying nasty things about the show. Judging from her comment, the critical follower is supposedly accusing Jacob of coming back to his family because of financial issues.

Sadly, the follower was not the only one hating on Jacob.

"Debi is right," said another follower. "All the things Jacob said about the show and his family [and] now he wants to be back in the limelight. I don't know how much longer I am going to follow Amy anyway. She is all about making money and throwing that cheap Chris down our throats."

Some of Amy's followers ganged up on the troll telling her that her comment was mean and that she should stop being rude. Others tried to explain to the trolls that Jacob and Izzy have their own way of supporting themselves.

"Stop already, how rude," said one fan. "People grow and evolve. His money matters are no one's problem."

"Both Izzy and Jacob have numerous endeavors that earn them money, which they have shared to the public on other social media areas," said another.

Others called them out for fighting over Jacob. One person said it was "sad" that the supposed Little People, Big World fans are having "arguments over love."

Even the follower who first trolled Amy and Jacob sarcastically pointed out that "grown women" were fighting over a TV show.

"Boy aren't we all grown up," said the follower.

Jacob and Izzy got engaged during their trip to Iceland last December, as In Touch Weekly reported. Some people were already speculating that Jacob has popped the question and that the young couple was engaged as early as Thanksgiving. Jacob and Izzy only revealed the truth on Saturday through a series of posts on Instagram.

"We are finally ready to share with everyone... WE ARE ENGAGED," Izzy announced.

Fans have flooded the couple's social media accounts, as well as that of Amy, with congratulatory greetings.