Chicago Bears' Draft Rumors: Bears Could Focus On Trading Down As Draft Unfolds

Wide receiver, offensive line, and outside linebacker are the three biggest needs on the Chicago Bears as the NFL draft is just a few months away. With Matt Nagy and the rest of the coaching staff finally in place, the Bears have revealed which direction they want to take.

With the hiring of Matt Nagy, much of the Chicago Bears' emphasis will be placed on the offensive side of the football. Armed with the eighth pick in the upcoming NFL draft the Bears can go in a couple of different directions. The Chicago Bears could address wide receiver or a pass-rusher with the draft pick. Selection of an offensive lineman would be considered as a stretch at No. 8.

There is also a growing sense that the Chicago Bears could look to strengthen their secondary with their first NFL draft pick. Ruling out the Bears from trading down for multiple draft picks cannot be ignored.

The Chicago Bears, like 30 other NFL teams are on the outside looking in, watching the Super Bowl instead of playing in it. One of the keys to getting there is having a quality quarterback guiding the team along.

By trading up to No. 2 (courtesy of in the 2017 NFL draft to select Mitch Trubisky, the Bears hope to have settled the quarterback position. The upcoming 2018 NFL draft features several passers who will be taken early in the first round.

Baker Mayfield walks off the football field.
The draft stock for Oklahoma Sooners' quarterback Baker Mayfield is expected to rise. Thus increasing the draft options for the Chicago Bears.

Quarterbacks Josh Allen, Josh Rosen, and Sam Darnold are all expected to be off of the board by the time the Bears pick at No. 8. Another passer who may break into that group is former Oklahoma Sooners' QB Baker Mayfield.

The Chicago Bears were among the teams which requested an interview with Baker Mayfield during last week's Senior Bowl. Unfortunately, Mayfield passed on the chance of sitting down with Bears' coach Matt Nagy and some of the Bears' brass, according to Sports Illustrated.

There were some NFL teams that Baker Mayfield wanted to meet with, however. Many of those teams, including the Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, New Orleans Saints and New York Jets all have draft picks after the Bears. The Bills and Dolphins have additional draft picks to trade up for a quarterback.

Baker Mayfield's stock is rising and might be top-10 pick, according to Buffalo News. That could become the opening that the Chicago Bears need of they desire adding multiple draft picks. Given the top needs that the Bears have, taking an outside linebacker at No. 8 in the NFL draft is the only pick that may not seem like a reach.

If the Bears were to trade down, perhaps with the Bills for their two first round picks Nos. 21 and 22, they can address a couple of needs. The hope for Bears' fans is that the Bills are enamored enough with Baker Mayfield where they want to trade up. The Bills desire of having a quarterback of Baker Mayfield's talents would work in the Bears' favor.

Drafting a pass-rusher and a right guard with those picks would help the Bears tremendously. Adding a wide receiver with their second round selection would give the Bears three potential starters going forward.

Several other NFL draft scenarios open up for the Bears if trading down becomes the focal point. The Bears could be inconceivably aided by Baker Mayfield, the one NFL draft prospect that does not want to interview with them.

As NFL teams begin to salivate over the quarterback class, many of them will jockey for position near where the Bears' pick at No. 8.

Acquiring extra draft picks is possibility that the Chicago Bears will consider. The official NFL offseason begins in just over a week, but most teams have begun preparing for the NFL draft. Bears' fans will get an idea what direction Matt Nagy and the Bears' brass will go in regards to their NFL draft process.