[CES 2013 Techcessories] CardNinja Converts Your Smartphone Into A Wallet, Streamlines Life

CES 2013 is full of “innovations” (if the event was a word cloud, all others would recede into the background), but one of the coolest we’ve seen for mobile isn’t even a gadget per se, just the simple and inexpensive CardNinja wallet.

Okay, CES is not exactly known for its wallet presence — but what CardNinja does for the space between wallets and smartphones is pretty impressive, all things considered.

I should note at this point that I am seeing CardNinja through the lens of a New Yorker as well as a CES 2013 attendee, and a female with Large Bag Syndrome. Having suffered from LBS for most of my adult life, the genius of CardNinja’s single product is apparent at first glance.

Wallet carriers and purse slingers alike tend to experience the frustrating tendency of important and frequently used items to scatter in pockets, laptop bags or pocketbooks. And CardNinja sticks to the back of your phone — with a very low profile — essentially keeping everything you need to get from home to subway to work and back again without in-bag or pocket dispersal.

The Inquisitr sat down with CardNinja’s Kumar Jambunathan today to discuss the product and its increasing popularity in recent months, and we reviewed a unit to see how it performs.

As stated, CardNinja really does hold one to eight cards or cash with versatile ease, managing to grip plastic and MetroCards firmly — even when shaking around in a bag or pocket. The adhesive backing sticks to any phone or case and can even be re-stuck, though it isn’t recommended you switch out cases daily or allow the adhesive to get lint-covered.

Kumar also said that demagnetization is not an issue for cards and that even hotel keys can be stored in CardNinja (for the most part.)

The main takeaway we got from CardNinja at CES 2013 is “why did we wait until Wednesday to review this product?” An event like CES is perfect for CardNinja’s sleek simplicity, as it keeps room keys, monorail passes, business cards, debit cards and cash right next to your phone, eliminating minutes of digging at every stop to locate necessary items.

CardNinja comes in black, silver and purple and is sold on the CardNinja website for a reasonable $19.99.