January 28, 2018
Audrey Roloff Offers Dating Tips To Prevent Falling Into 'Love At First Sight' Trap

Audrey Roloff, along with her husband Jeremy, is often commended for exemplifying what true love looks like and now, the 26-year-old mom is offering some tips that would come in handy in having what she describes as a healthy dating relationship.

The star of the hit reality TV series Little People, Big World said on social media that people often fall for the classic "love at first sight" trap, in which couples are "hurried into a relationship." Such scenarios often include dabbling with sexual intimacy and becoming emotionally attached to the other person. Audrey says the parties involved in such situations are often blinded to the red flags.

According to Audrey, when someone falls for the "love at first sight" trap, he or she sees the other person as the "most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person in the universe," as she quoted Emmet Brickowski from the 2014 Lego Movie to help prove her point.

The danger here lies when the person is too blinded by such "perfection" that he or she fails to see any red flags. In such occasions, the family or friends may raise such concerns but the person may not be able to "rationalize with them" as he or she has fallen victim to the trap Audrey mentioned earlier.

Audrey suggests that people who are dating or wish to date should be open to what those around them, particularly family members and close friends, have to say about the other person and the relationship, in general.
"The recipe for a healthy dating relationship calls for generous servings of insight from the people who love and care about you."
Audrey further specified that people who are in such dating relationships, particularly the women, shouldn't be someone who disappears into the relationship and ignores the people who really care about them.

"Don't be that girl who started dating someone and then fell off the face of the earth," Audrey said. "Couples who do this are usually hiding shame, guilt, or pride."


Audrey also advised her followers who are dating to let family and friends into the relationship and allow them to say what they really think or feel about the budding relationship. In other words, one should let their family and friends "speak truth and affirmation" and to "raise red flags" if they see them.

Finally, Audrey warned her readers that it may hurt to hear from the people closest to them that there is something not right about the person he or she is dating. However, she stressed that accepting such criticisms or painful truths will prevent them from getting hurt even more.

"Their honesty may sting, but it could also be what prevents some deep wounds."
Audrey's words were greatly appreciated by her followers. Almost all the comments agreed with this dating tip while some even shared a bit of their unfortunate experience of being "that girl" who fell off the face of the earth once they started dating.

And for those asking Audrey about the gorgeous bed behind Jeremy and Audrey, the photo was taken during their stay at the Bolt Farm Luxury Romantic Retreat & Treehouse. The Roloff couple vacationed at the Bolt Farm a year ago for a treehouse getaway, as shown in this short video by TLC.