Meghan Markle Making Speech In Lieu Of Dad – Breaking Tradition At Her Own Royal Wedding, Claims Report

Meghan Markle has emerged as someone who thinks outside of the box when it comes to royal tradition, evident by the latest news that has Meghan set to deliver a speech to a room full of 800 wedding guests at her own royal wedding. While Meghan’s father is expected to walk his daughter down the aisle and hand-deliver her to Prince Harry at the altar, he is an extremely quiet person and it sounds like a speech for this global venue is out of his comfort zone.

So what will Meghan talk about as a brand new bride and as her first day as a dutchess while addressing the people who will greet her as royalty from that day forward? It is a speech expected to curl fill the room with delight, as Meghan plans to hit on a few things starting with her love for Prince Harry, according to the Telegraph. While this report is swirling online today, nothing about Meghan making this speech has been passed along via royal officials.

Her speech is said to encompass a few things along with her “affectionate tribute” to Harry. She is expected to offer thanks to the Queen, and there are some suggestions that she’s even going to offer up a few jokes, according to reports. Meghan’s dad, who is 73, lives in Mexico and from all accounts, he is an extremely private person and the Telegraph reports he is “unlikely” to deliver a speech of his own.

While Meghan is expected to mention the royal family, including the Queen in her speech, nothing has been said about what she might say about her own family members, if anything at all. No one is quite sure what Meghan has up her sleeve when delivering her first words to a crowd once becoming the wife of Prince Harry.

It was during an interview right after Christmas when Harry shared that Meghan had a “fantastic” holiday this year while spending time at Sandringham with “the family she’s never had.” It seems that Meghan’s family members had an issue with that statement, causing some hard feelings, according to Fox News, starting with Meghan’s reportedly estranged half-sister.

While that statement by Prince Harry went over like a lead balloon with Meghan’s family, the dust has seemed to settle on that topic, at least in the headlines. But only time will tell if there are any residual effects left over from Harry’s words on “family” when the two families meet face-to-face at the wedding.

Until then, people will need to wait until May to hear the contents of Meghan Markle’s wedding speech, if these latest reports come true. She is expected to deliver those words at the wedding reception when she will stand to deliver that speech after being introduced as Prince Harry’s wife.