Kate Middleton Donated Her Shorn Hair To Charity That Makes Wigs For Children Battling Cancer

New reports state that the Duchess of Cambridge has donated her previously shorn hair to a charity that makes wigs for children who are battling cancer and need to wear wigs due to hair loss from radiation or chemotherapy.

Fans of Duchess Kate may recall when Kate Middleton had a dramatic hair makeover. When Kate Middleton appeared at the opening day of Wimbledon back in early July, she wore a black and white polka dotted dress and dramatically shorter hair.

According to the Daily Mail, Kate’s hairdresser Joey Wheeler had “trimmed more than seven inches from her usual length.”

According to Express, who first broke the story, the Duchess came up with the idea as the hair began to fall to the ground. She realized that her locks could be used in a loving way for those who are going through cancer treatment and now do not have hair.

Then they report that Kate asked an aide to pick up the hair and donate it anonymously to what they believe is the Little Princess Trust.

“It was sent using someone else’s name, so that the trust didn’t know it was from a royal source – they just thought it was from a female donor in the Kensington area.”

Despite that, the report states that Kate cut her hair “four months ago,” fans of Duchess Catherine may tend to disagree.

Royal watchers who appreciate the Kate Effect may have noticed that on June 29, when Kate went to the Victoria and Albert Museum, affectionately known as the V&A, her hair was quite long.

Kate was at the V&A for the grand opening of the new entrance, and the new wing. She wore a modern looking black, red and white Gucci tweed dress, and her chestnut hair was softly curled and hung down the middle of her back.

A few days later, on July 3, the Duchess of Cambridge, now the new Patron of Wimbledon, arrived at the first day of the tennis tournament with a much shorter and fresher haircut. Here, it appears that Duchess Kate had shorn about six to seven inches of her hair, and it was softly curled and tucked behind her ears, to show off her pearl earrings.

Then, why are the reports stating that her hair was dramatically cut four months ago? It is very possible that the source altered the date of the hair donation in order to further keep Kate’s donation a secret.

According to Express, the Princess Trust was tragically founded by the parents of Hannah Tarples, a five-year-old who died from her cancer, despite receiving chemotherapy.

At the time of treatment, young Hannah was quite upset about losing her hair. Wanting to help their ailing child, her parents discovered how difficult it was to find wigs for small children. Eventually, they found one manufacturer who could do make a wig, and once it was made, Hannah wore it and was quite “proud” of it.

After Hannah’s death, her parents, Wendy and Simon, created the charity in order to give free wigs to children battling cancer.

Other celebrities have already participated in donating their hair. Before Duchess Kate did so, Harry Styles was perhaps the biggest name when two years ago, he shocked fans as he cut off his ponytail. The newly shorn singer and actor had received over two million likes on his Instagram for the charitable gesture and #littleprincesstrust.

Whoops. #Littleprincesstrust

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The source revealing Kate’s donation adds that they think it is very special that the hair of a real princess is in a wig worn by a young girl battling cancer.

“It’s lovely to think somewhere a little girl is happily wearing a wig made from a real princess’s hair. It’s a very heartwarming thing for Kate to have done, and very thoughtful to use hair that would have otherwise just been thrown away.”